Moving to iPad 3G to Ipad mini with Wifi+celular data

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    Greetings MacRumors, It turns out that I have a issue, The issue is whether IF I buy a new iPad (e.g: iPad mini with Wi-Fi+Cellular data) obviously I have to get it with the carrier that comes with it (Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T & Verizon), However It turns out that I live outside of the US (current country where I am now is Ecuador) and the cellphone carriers are pretty different and I have this doubt if my new iPad mini 3 will work? because the current carriers that are available here are Movistar, Claro and CNT.

    Thank you for your answer :)
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    Highly unlikely. There are different data bands for each country and therefore different Cellular iPads for each country. For example, if I bought one in the US and then came back to the UK, it wouldn't work with my SIM because it wouldn't support any of the data bands of the networks in the UK.
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    Well I've been researching about that and it turns out that if I buy one e.g: from an Apple Store in the US and go back to my own country (which my current location is Ecuador)without its data plans that come by default it should work in theory
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    Your Ecuador's carriers, Movistar, Claro and CNT, use LTE bands 2, 4 which are in the ipad as well. I don't see a problem.

    Get the iPad mini 4 WIFI plus Cellular

    Make sure you backup to itunes and do an encrypted backup so you can restore all your passwords to the new ipad

    You could even get the iPad Pro 9.7, it has 2 more channels then the iPad mini 4, but you won't need channels 12 and 27 in Ecuador

    Ipad use the same cellular chips as iPhones. If the iPhone works with the SIM card, then the ipad should as well

    However. Some phone companies don't like you putting a SIM card from an iPhone into an ipad, because you might end up using even more data.

    The apple sim or the apple's cellular setting mights not allow you to activate the SIM card inside the ipad. So you should still be able to pick up a SIM card thats already activated.

    The final word is apple itself. Apple's LTE page says Movistar is supported. So go ahead and don't worry about it
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    You do not have to get the carrier it comes with it!! The iPad mini 4 is universal. It will work with anything

    You don't need to buy an " AT&T " version, you do not have to buy a " Verizon " version.

    That just tells you whose SIM card is in the box

    Back in the day you had to buy eiher the AT&T or the Verizon ipad. That was 6 years ago
    That stopped entirely when the iPad Air came out. Its these android and amazon knock offs that continue to make you decide whose carriers model to buy

    With the current ipad. All you have to remember is , if your in America, and you want it on Verizon your going to need a Verizon sim. Thats all

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