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Jun 12, 2017
One day ago before the latest mozilla update which fixes the disabled addons etc.,
I followed an article prompting to enable (about:)studies.

I did that and addons were back, while waiting for the fix.

Now the fix is realeased, but in the about:studies, i still see 4 items that were not there
until i enabled Studies etc.

How do i uninstall these programs, or whatever they are so they are removed from the studies list

I have disabled all studies prefs from Privacy menu, but they are still there even after uninstall
as well as applying the fix. I am on a macbook with high sierra latest ver.



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Nov 10, 2018
Hi, if you read carefully you'll see that in studies tab there are 2 categories: studies actives and studies finished, one you have disabled studies checkbox in the main settings tab you should not see any studies actives.

I hope this helps.


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Jul 4, 2012
I got an update to firefox today that supposedly fixes so should be able to turn off Studies


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Jul 6, 2012
As long as you have unchecked the Studies option, everything should be "completed" and you should be good - it appears to be a log of all the studies run over time on that installation.

I checked on the current Firefox I'm running (which I have not enabled studies for the recent unpleasantness), studies is disabled on this installation and there were 2 there from long ago. One going back 2 years (it linked to a bug report so I could get a date). Its interesting if they have a ongoing log on your machine if you have it enabled, so you can see what they've done (but I'm still not going to enable it). ;-)


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Jun 12, 2017
Thanks for the reply. I saw what you mean above. I was just wondering, if i can remove the COMPLETED studies list
via config or other options, so they will not be visible at all in ie completed- finished section, as i dont know if they are still accessible by mozilla
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