New AirPods Launch With H1 Chip, Hey Siri, Up to 50% More Talk Time, and Optional Wireless Charging Case


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today in a press release introduced new second-generation AirPods powered by an Apple-designed H1 chip that enables hands-free "Hey Siri" functionality and up to 50 percent more talk time compared to the original AirPods.

Apple says the H1 chip in the new AirPods makes switching between the iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac up to two times faster, and enables up to a 1.5x faster connection time for phone calls and up to 30 percent lower gaming latency.

Hands-free Siri allows AirPods users to say "Hey Siri" to change songs, make phone calls, adjust the volume, get directions, and more.

The new AirPods get up to three hours of talk time per charge, compared to up to two hours with the previous generation. Other battery life figures remain the same, with up to five hours of listening time per charge and more than 24 hours of total battery life from extra charges stored in the case.

The new AirPods have the same outward design as the original and remain available in white only.

The new AirPods are available to order on and in the Apple Store app starting today with a wired charging case for $159, the same price as the original AirPods, and with a wireless charging case for $199. Both options will be available at Apple Stores and select resellers starting next week.

The wireless charging case is also available individually for $79 for use with both the first-generation and second-generation AirPods. An LED light indicator located on the front of the case shows the charge status at a glance.

Apple also announced that free engraving is now available on any AirPods charging case for orders placed on and in the Apple Store app.

Article Link: New AirPods Launch With H1 Chip, Hey Siri, Up to 50% More Talk Time, and Optional Wireless Charging Case


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Mar 18, 2009
Would have been nice for the 159 USD AirPods to get the wireless charging case - does seem weird to see multiple options for buying AirPods. But I guess a bit of choice is nice, and if the price hike for wireless charging was really necessary that it's not forcing everyone to pay $199 regardless of whether they'd charge them wirelessly or not.

Also quite nice how they're selling the charging case separately.


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Jul 16, 2014
And Tim Apple just wrote a tweet with himself drawing AirPods on an iPad, too funny!

Too bad the Qi charging case is really expensive, for now I'll stick with mine and charge it over Lighting as usual. The case costs €89, but if you buy it with AirPods it is "only" €50 more, so AirPods with the Qi case are €229 now, really expensive. As far as I know they don't sell the old AirPods anymore, they do sell them with the Lighting only case but I guess it is the new model with the new H1 chip
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Sep 10, 2007
This is phenomenal news and ahead of the keynote next week. It makes you wonder what sort of things will be announced next week. I thought that they would be announcing all these products for the event at that point in time.