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Feb 2, 2020

Strive - App Store

Hi everyone,

We recently released Strive with the intention of helping people utilize their health data in their fitness journey. We're fully compatible with Apple Health, so wave goodbye to that time consuming manual data entry. We already work with your favourite apps (provided they sync with Apple Health).

Our today tab allows you to view your day at a glimpse and track your progress towards your daily goals, we track; calorie intake, water intake, sleep, mood, exercises completed, average BPM, steps taken, exercises completed, calories burned with more coming soon. Tap on a glimpse to get more information and stats. Add, remove, rearrange - the today tab is completely customizable and unique to you.

Compare your progress against the only competition that matters - yourself! Trends beautifully and simply show your weekly data in comparison to your last week, month or year.

Good behaviour deserves a good reward, right? Well, we think it does, maintain healthy habits and get rewarded with points. Redeem these points for treats of your choosing, being healthy doesn't have to mean being boring. This is a technique known as temptation bundling, immediate gratification generates that motivating dopamine hit that makes those long-term goals that bit easier.

Feedback? Yes, please. We're committed to making Strive the best it can be, which means we need to know what features are useful to you. Have a say in the future of Strive.

Hope you enjoy!

Strive - App Store