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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has launched (via AppleInsider) a brand new outdoor ad campaign for the Apple TV a week after debuting its first TV commercials for the new set-top box. The new ads feature a variation of the SMPTE color bars, a television test pattern, as a backdrop to the simple Apple TV logo.

Image via SMPTE Connect​

The color bars are also featured in the TV ads, dispersing in different ways as the ad showcases its apps or games. Thus far, the billboards have been spotted in Los Angeles, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

The ads appear to have gone up in the last 24 hours, with Instagram user Courtney Cerruti noting that she saw workers tugging the image into place and that they went up "in unison." Additionally, every current picture of the new billboards have appeared within the last 11 hours or so. The ads also come in different formats, with some ads in a vertical orientation on buildings and others in a more traditional horizontal format.

Article Link: New Apple TV Billboards Start Popping Up in U.S. Cities
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Jul 31, 2012
I saw one today on the 405 in LA by LAX. Thought it was interesting since I never noticed it before but it all makes sense lol


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Nov 14, 2011
Hmm...I find this ad campaign almost as dumb as the Genuis one from a couple years ago. Does Apple think this is going to get someone to buy an Apple TV?

I hope people have noticed that this is not simply a "variation" on the color bars pattern...

It's the original Apple rainbow logo.

Very good marketing. I love it.

What exactly makes a good marketing? What does the old Apple rainbow logo have to do with the Apple TV?
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Nov 25, 2012
United States
Wow. That banner is both hideous (the ugly colors at the bottom?) and it reminds me of a glitch or a color test - throw back to tube TVs.
Well you know what? That banner is doing it's job then. If it reminds you anything about a TV then mission accomplished. If people are so uptight and take things so seriously that they would automatically associate that with something adverse then they don't need the product in the first place.


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Jan 21, 2013
What a great ad! I'm going out to buy 2 now, no make it 3! Blah, Apple TV could have been so much more for gamers who want to play p2p.


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Mar 24, 2010
I like it! The colors in these new ads and banners are great, a nice throwback to the colored Apple logo, and I think it gets the point across pretty well. I wonder if I'll see one of these around my area? :)


May 6, 2011
Do the kids even know what SMPTE bars are anymore? When's the last time you saw a test pattern on tv?

Apple really hasnt designed ads formthe "kids" since the iPod music video days.

Kinda an odd way to present the TV. For some the color test may remind them of a glitch, maybe something Apple doesn't want to be seen with the Apple TV
They're nothing more than a calibration tool to make sure what is being displayed is how it should be displayed. And engineers can calibrate their equipment properly. Has nothing to do with glitching, dropped signals, station problems, or test patterns. They're still very widely used in television, news, and broadcast facilities. Apple's ad scheme is simply a throwback.
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