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Jan 15, 2006
The Kop
First reported by thegoldenmackid (i think)

Pretty good but as i said previously i wonder how many more angles that can convincingly convey in the advert format.


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Jan 20, 2003
One of the best ones I've seen. It's probably not MS fault for the trial software but companies like Dell that get a kickback for installing this junk...



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Jan 10, 2006
My MacBook came with an MS Office Trial I had to delete. So did my cousins iMac. :rolleyes: Funny though!


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Nov 10, 2006
My Mac came with an Office trial and an iWork trial and Quicktime that asks me to register and an installer that wants me to have a .mac account.


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Jan 9, 2004
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
Macs only come with software you want? *cough* *cough* Nanosaur *cough* :D

Although I do get the general point. ;)

The actor who plays the PC is just phenomenal as that character. He does a really great job. :)


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Aug 25, 2004
Pasadena, California, USA
By the way, the description should be ammended to say "trial" software instead of "trail" software.

Office and iWork trials aren't all that bad on an iMac since they are at least somewhat useful, and if you are new to a Mac you can figure out that there is software to open some of your files.

On a new Dell you get lots of software that is set as the default for opening pictures, songs, and lots of other things.


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Jan 11, 2006
I like the ad, but from a technical perspective, it's NOT trial software that slows down PCs. It's using Windoze that does!! Install 50 trial programs on OS X and it's not going to slow down like Windoze does.


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Sep 13, 2006
Sure but it's nothing like a Dell PC with 10+ annoying softwares such as Dell's Network manager in place of Window's own....

Yeah, I usually just have people who call with wireless network probs disable that. Why is it there???

For those listing Mac trial software, don't forget Quickbooks! Why the small business product as a default? If it had come with a Quicken trial, I may have bought it (well, IF Intuit had any idea what Intel nativity was when I called, or better yet, an idea of when they might come out with a native product and how much I'd have had to pay to upgrade, and IF they could stop make such an ugly interface). As it stands I have to recommend MoneyDance, which has a great free trial; I just bought a registration yesterday.

However, it should be noted that none of the free trials is running on startup or running in the background--which is what REALLY irks me about new Windows PC's.
He, where can I buy that mac!!!

My mac comes full with trail software:

- Quicktime (can't even go fullscreen!)
- Office Trail
- Omni stuff trail
- iWork trail
- .Mac (i have to buy that bluh!?)

mmmm... last time I checked my Dell was full of full working versions like Microsoft Works, Antivirus... (nope, and they didn't slow it down either)

Owww... now I get it why these ad's are not available in The Netherlands... you can't make un-real promesses over here ;) I get it :):p

(p.s. Great ad from ad perspective... it's just the content that is questionable)


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May 2, 2002
Wow, this is just days after Walt Mossberg made the same complaint about Vista PCs in the Wall Street Journal. Seem likely to have given Apple the idea, except.... it's not easy to crank out a TV add that fast! Coincidence?

(I know some like to say Mossberg--or anyone who writes positive Apple reviews more than negative ones--must be talking bribes under the table. In which case no doubt he and the WSJ were told by Stev Jobs what to write about Vista--and the ad was made a month ago :p )

Yes Macs have trial software, but not much, and littering your desktop. And they DO ALL come with a nice bundle of FULL apps that can't be matched on Windows. So--fair comparison!

Few of trial apps slow the computer down, but they do slow down and annoy the user! Anti-malware apps slow the computer down, but then the full paid versions do too :eek:


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Sep 13, 2006
I like the ad, but from a technical perspective, it's NOT trial software that slows down PCs. It's using Windoze that does!! Install 50 trial programs on OS X and it's not going to slow down like Windoze does.

It certainly would if every Mac developer made their programs run on startup and eat up resources in the background. It is so incredibly annoying to me that almost EVERY Windows developer is certain you probably want their icon on the desktop AND in the System Tray, AND maybe in the quicklaunch, just for good measure.

And the worst part is, most consumers have NO WAY to get rid of these unwanted programs. Lacking the experience or knowledge of what any of these programs might be, and especially since several crucial items are also found in the system tray, it really screws over the less savvy users.
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