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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has posted two new iPhone 7 ads to its YouTube channel showcasing the phones' water-resistance and camera performance in low light conditions.

The first ad, titled "Midnight" and about a minute long, follows the impromptu twilight journey of a skateboarder around suburban streets as he utilizes the camera's photo and video capture capabilities in various solitary encounters.

The iPhone 7 Plus is seen being used to record video through a mist of lawn sprayers, take a photo of moths dancing around a dim light bulb, and capture the moment a young deer wanders into a gas station forecourt.

Later, the skateboarder alights to venture into a forest wood, where he eventually discovers a tantalizing moonlit cityscape. The ad concludes with the tagline, "low-light camera on iPhone 7 - practically magic".

The second ad is a 30-second spot called "Morning Ride" and depicts a man going into his garage and preparing himself and his bike for a pre-dawn ride while a violent lightning storm passes overhead.

He is seen using an iPhone 7 to check the weather forecast, and then fixes the handset to a handlebar mount while he dresses for the outdoors. He checks his route on a cycling app, before raising the garage door to reveal thundering rain and stormcloud-capped mountains in the distance. The same tagline as the first ad appears in conclusion.

The two ads offer a lot more substance than Apple's previous, more abstract iPhone 7 teaser commercial, but continue with the same darkened theme to portray the phone's flagship upgrades and black handset color options. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus boast IP67 standard splash, water, and dust resistance, while the new 12-megapixel cameras (dual-lens in the Plus) feature Quad-LED True Tone flash, auto-image stabilization, and exposure control.

Article Link: New iPhone 7 Ads Showcase Waterproofing and Low-Light Camera Features


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Feb 1, 2005
Twin Cities Minnesota
Nice to see Apple pushing this. I took a risk with my 6S in a similar situation using my phone as a cycle computer. Granted it is fodder for warranty voiding, but I rode in light rain for about 20 minutes as a storm hit at the end of my ride. I took a risk based on seeing how well it did being submerged in water in tests. Phone still works great today.

Hoping Apple doesn't "Void" warranties for people mimicking their ads with their current 7 model though!


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Jul 9, 2010
great ads IMO. Surprised they are touting the water resistance so much given that it is not covered under warranty. Must be pretty confident. (Apple is already known to purposely understate water resistance capability)

edit: ps. putting a lot of trust in that bike mount. that dude is NUTS for not having a case on that thing.


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Jan 7, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
Does anybody know which bike mount he might be using that works with a naked phone. I normally use the Lifeproof's Lifeactiv quickmount system on my iPhone 6 with the lifeproof case. Looking for something different since I'm getting a 7 Plus and I don't want to wait and get a nuud case and make that thing that much bigger


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Mar 8, 2012
Funny, I was just about to make a thread on the iPhone section saying Apple dropped the ball on the iP7 release as they didn't market it to cyclists. Seems they know what they're doing.

Typical roadie these days will throw their phone in their jersey pocket, some will use a crap ziplock bag. Some can't be arsed, like myself and the phone frequently gets wet. Been saying for years I want a water-resistant phone.

Other killer feature is the second lens. Typically out on a ride you'll speed off up the road, get off the bike and quickly take your phone out to get a pic of your riding partner as they whip past. Often you're too far back and have no zoom as you misjudge speed or distance or how the scene will look on the phone. At least now you have one other option and can salvage some stop offs.

On the face of it, the iPhone 7 is a nice phone for everyone, but personally I think this is the one for cyclists.

Not convinced about the iPhone on the bars nonsense though because I know for a fact you can't use the touchscreen in any meaningful way when it's soaking wet. You need a capacitive screen for that, like on an Edge 1000.

But no way you'll get that on a modern smartphone. A new type of screen will need to be developed to satisfy all requirements.
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Aug 1, 2010
Love both, but the bike one speaks directly to me. I have an iPhone bracket on my bike and the main things that scare me about having my iPhone with me on bike rides are rain and dust from the road. Now that those things aren't a worry I will never have missing GPS data from my ride workouts. (Not planning on updating my Apple Watch this year.)


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Jan 7, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
Not trolling :
Is it even legal to advertise a feature which in case of defect isn't covered by the warranty ?

Only time will tell because I would assume this was reviewed by Apple's Legal team and they felt the text at the end of the commercial saying liquid damage not covered under warranty. Again, if the device functions as it's supposed to, there should be no liquid damage on that ride as there are gaskets preventing water from entering
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