New macbook pros finally made me switch away from mac laptops.

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by fabifabi, Nov 1, 2016.

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    Heavy use of VI's can use way more than 16GB. I agree. But now that SSD speeds are so high you would assume there would be improved utilization of that in stead of keeping it all in the RAM. But you have a valid point. My point still stands though, that there is no other laptop that can do it better. BTW, have you tried running the same VSTI's in Studio One or Pro Tools on macOS? I find that Logic is way more buggy than Studio One and Pro Tools on both my iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and even a Mac Mini.
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    when my current late 2011 MBP dies i will have to upgrade and it'll likely have to be another MBP again.

    reason? i want a rock solid, nicely made and silent laptop with a really good trackpad that lasts a while without having things fall off and the surface looking tatty, is reasonably lightweight, has good battery life and runs a sane OS. only then comes the hardware/component price/performance part (since the internals even of my current one do the job nicely, really).

    if there was a nice laptop with a definitive edge on price that you could hackintosh really well (with wifi, audio, sleep mode and all the usual hang-ups working out like on the real thing), i'd be all over it. but windows would not be an option and while i like the idea of running linux, it's too high maintenance for my taste and the GUI side of it has always behaved like a unstable build in my experience. not enough of a tinkerer myself to be willing to invest the time. plus, app support is a bit thin on the ground in my field for starters.

    best thing to happen in my world would be if apple went and sold OSX as a standalone product and certified it for a few computer configurations to run on. :)
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    I currently own a retina MBP (purchased August 2012). I'm hopeful that this laptop will last me at least another year so I can see what Apple does to appease customer complaints for their next go-around. If it doesn't last, or the new MBPs don't live up to the expectation I'll more than likely go to a Surface Book.

    I'm not even that upset about the RAM situation or the price point...I'm more upset that Apple is failing to remain consistent and keep their ecosystem in line. If a customer purchases an iPhone 7 and a Macbook Pro at the same time, the customer has no way to connect their MBP to their iPhone to charge or sync (sure you can do wireless over wifi, but its slow as hell). That makes absolutely no sense. Why would the two flagship devices of Apple not function seamlessly with one another?
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    Will be tough for Apple to do once they transition macOS to ARM in mid-2018.
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    By the way, some reviews are finally out. Looks like there is zero performance gain compared to the 2015 MBP, and the chip (at least in the entry level MBP) is 15W (i5 2.0 GHz). So for instance the 2.7 GHz 15W Kaby Lake i7 in the Razor blade stealth should be considerably faster. Although to be fair, performance is on par with the 2015 MBP despite the use of the 15W chip (2015 had 28W).
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    Kaby Lake doesn't come with Intel Iris GPU.

    Apple had a choice of skylake with a little less cpu performance but with a significantly better gpu, or kaby lake with better cpu but significantly worse gpu.

    Ironically the Razor Blade Stealth have a worse gpu. (ironically because its supposed to be laptop for "gamers")

    Razor Blade stealth is built around the idea that you will want to buy a 500$ external enclosure + a desktop gpu (the razor core).

    Skylake is the reason that even the 13' MacBook Pro can drive 2 external 4K monitors.
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    Wow, just saw this. We are not alone. A disgruntled developer has been collecting the negative takes on this update from tech journalists and pros
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    A bit of misinformation here. It's 399 or 499 (US)$ for the core, but that's optional.

    Personally, I'll be using it as a powerful ultrabook, replacing my dead MacBook air 11". Didn't do much gaming on that either. CPU performance, build quality, the screen, are more important. That said, it is nice to have the option to eventually upgrade the graphics performance with an external GPU.
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    laughable, especially for Apple in 2016
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    I changed the price on my post as soon as I realized my mistake. (It redirected me automatically to the Canadian store when I thought I was browsing the US one)

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