New MacBook Pros May Not Be Compatible With Some Early Thunderbolt 3 Devices [Updated]

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Nov 3, 2016.

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    I did, you should be in the clear.
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    This company has to get their bill handed ASAP before they **** up even more products.

    I'd rather buy a Dell laptop today, something I wouldn't have said before the glued batteries BS started.

    Remind me again how green your products are, Apple.

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  3. fpnc, Nov 4, 2016
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    Why is it confusing? If the plug fits it should just work (whether it be USB2, USB3, or Thunderbolt). In some cases you will need an adapter, but only if the device doesn't come with a USB-C connector/cable.

    Okay, it appears that some TB3 devices aren't supported, but that has nothing to do (apparently) with the USB-C style connector itself.

    I don't have any real problem with the switch to TB3 (USB-C style connectors). However, what Apple should have done is include one USB-A to USB-C adapter with the product and they also needed to keep the SD card slot for both storage expansion and to allow easy transfer of media from a user's cameras. It would have also been nice if they had updated MagSafe to carry TB3 and they then could have replaced one of the USB-C connectors with a MagSafe plug (which could have then been used as the docking connector).
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    Nov 4, 2016
    What a joke this company has become

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    Looks like that is the case. I have not seen any thunderbolt 1 or 2 from plugable on the market, hard to believe they knew Thunderbolt when they started developing thunderbolt 3 products or simply bought from china factory which has no idea what thunderbolt is. Stay with the big brandings who really know Thunderbolt. LaCie, CalDigit, Promise, Belkin....
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    Except that as has been documented both here and on reddit basically all Thunderbolt 3 devices currently on the market don't work with the new rMPB. I don't understand how people can down play this. I'm as big an Apple fan as anyone but there's really only so many ways you can spin this:
    1. Apple didn't bother testing their Thunderbolt 3 implementation with devices currently on the market
    >Implies a complete lack of due diligence on Apple's part, and a frightening lack of respect for how standards are supposed to work.
    2. Apple made a conscious decision to block devices using the older TI chip (seeing as people on reddit appear to have gotten it working over bootcamp even though Bootcamp isn't supported on these machines yet) (This could be a legitimate reason such as a security flaw in the way those chips implement TB3, a lack of time before the release, or just plain laziness/burnout on the part of Apple's macOS team)
    >Irregardless of the reason behind the lack of support, Apple owed buyers an explanation. It could've been a support page on their website explaining WHY older devices don't work. Instead they have nothing, and it was left to the community to deduce that current devices don't work. While you may not think this is a big issue if you live in the US where you can pretty much return anything for any reason, a lot of the rest of the world doesn't work like that. Here in Japan, you buy it, you own it, with returns sometimes not even being accepted for unopened items.

    TB3 WAS and IS a HUGE part of the "Pro" appeal of this machine. Having a device which advertises itself as TB3 compatible but only works with devices made after a certain point is dishonest and incredibly frustrating/confusing for consumers no matter how you look at it.

    Don't make excuses for Apple, expect them to do the right thing.
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    Hi all,

    I was thinking of buying a mbpr2016 and attach it to a caldigit usb-c dock, so when reading this article i asked this to Caldigit on facebook:

    And the answer was:

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    Sorry, it's still 4 usable ports, it can transfer data while charging from devices (monitors, hubs etc) on a single cable. You can connect to whichever side for your convenience.
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    really ? so if I plug in the 4 ports:

    - iPhone
    - SD card reader
    - external hard drive
    - HDMI in/out

    how do I power the mac book ? an additional external HUB ?

    wonderful !

    I will use the hub to plug a normal soft keyboard instead of the wooden 'butterfly' built-in keyboard

    what a big disgusting mess

    apple should just have courage, cancel this horrible failed MacBook pro line and start all over again with a new young hungry head designer that tells Ive how to do it
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    Why would you do it that way...?

    Buy one hub that has all of those ports in 1, (HDMI in/out may need another port so don't quote me there) and still have 2 or 3 other ports.
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    I know you're fruterated but try not to thread jack. There are plenty of other threads that deal with the lack of ports beyond USB C/TB3.
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    Ok that too. I think thats what I am planning to do.
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    Ok thanks, so not any USB-C cable will work with thunderbolt3 devices although the connector fits?
    Are there thunderbolt only cables that will not work between 2 USB 3.1 devices?
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    Apple. The richest company in the world. Pissing off it's own customers, to make it's investors happy. - Hilarious, isn't it ?
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    You're too concerned with what generation the Intel chip is - it's really not the most important thing about the laptop. Surface Book and XPS all launched this Autumn with Skylake too. Kabylake makes little difference anyway, the main crux was that it has TB3 support built in, but you can just use an external controller like Apple did anyway. Kaby Lake still doesn't support DD4L so won't enable 32gb if it sticks to Apple's rules, so its a very irrelevant chip.

    I'd rather see MacBooks updated on SSD speed cycles than Intel's incremental name updates.
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    I genuinely wouldn't care, Kaby Lake brings nothing new - and a price drop in March wouldn't bother me either, i'll have already had it for four months by then. I'm prepared to pay more to have it 4 months earlier.
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    Any USB-C cable will work in any of the ports and work with USB-C devices.

    Thunderbolt 3 to achieve 40GBps will require a 0.5m cable at the moment. Similar to how there are different grades of HDMI cable and funnily people are not confused by that.

    There's nothing available on the market yet that would come close to saturating a single 40GBps connection yet.
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    It's simple. The last two Macs I bought were not stupid products. The 2008 Macbook Pro was the pinnacle of Macbook design and had every port, removable battery, etc. one could want and a decent GPU for its time. The 2012 Mac Mini Server had everything but a high powered GPU (quad-i7, 2TB internal RAID0, easy RAM expansion, every port you could want plus 4 USB3 ports in an easy-to-upgrade box).

    Since then, they've made the Mac Mini a joke. They've released a Mac Pro that looks like a trash can with no internal upgradeable parts (even the GPU uses a custom connection so you can't just put in something better/newer) and offered ZERO upgrades to that Mac Pro since then yet maintain the 2013 price (hopelessly overpriced now). They went from offering an all SSD iMac 5k back to selling them with rotational hard drives and an inferior GPU (AMD) so they could save money and now they offer a Macbook Pro that raises its price based on a touch-bar that no one actually "needs" and whose benefit has yet to be proven, yet they're still shipping it with a 256GB drive that not even a child would find adequate for storage when 1TB drives sell for $300 or less now in solid-state form.

    I'm willing to pay a "premium" to use OS X because I despise Windows and the key logging NSA reporting joke it's become, but that doesn't mean I want to be ripped off or buy inferior products. The one thing the new Macbook Pro does right is that it has Thunderbolt III USB-C ports on it. The 15" model is fine for ports, except they probably should have offered at least ONE lousy USB-A port and an HDMI port for a couple of years until USB-C products become the norm. No one likes having to buy dongles galore. The machine does NOT need to be that thin.

    Apple's obsession with thin over all else is ridiculous. That used to be what the Macbook Air was about for those customers that were also obsessed with thin. They should not be compromising design for the sake of thinness. And they should not keep leaving Mac Pro users in no man's land wondering if there will EVER be another upgrade to it or not. They should have kept the configurable tower design for those that need it and keep regular upgrades to it (i.e. it's not hard to throw a new motherboard and GPU card into a tower case motherboard; if a two-bit Internet build company can do it, surely the richest tech company on the planet can manage). And that is what really gets our goat. This is not 2004! Apple can afford to do this right and instead they wait years between upgrades on Mac Minis and Mac Pros and when they finally get a redesign of the Macbook Pro, they screw it up in ways that were easily avoidable by even half competent people. The problem is their design view is compromised. They are designing machines they want to sell, not designing machines that people need or want. Some Apple fans love that. They buy Macbook Pros not because they "need" them for a task, but because they want to feel superior to others buying machines that cost half as much (possibly while living in their parents basement to afford them).

    These are supposed to be "PRO" machines not "THIN" machines, after all and THAT is why some of us are unhappy with design decisions they are making. There is no 15" model without a touch bar and a reasonable use of ports with adequate storage for $2000 anymore. If I'm going to have to pay $2400 for a 15" model, it had better already meet my needs. I'm not poor and don't live in any basement, but that doesn't mean I enjoy being ripped off. To make this machine usable, I'd have to spend $3000 right off the bat to get a decent sized hard drive in it and even then, there's NOTHING I can do about the 16GB ram limit. That might be fine for today, but I don't buy a new Macbook Pro every year. The machine should at least have some basic expansion options. I'm a tech guy. I tore my old Macbook Pro apart and upgraded the hard drive and fixed my own fan, etc. That's not an issue. But Apple seems hell bent anymore gluing things together so you CANNOT upgrade their products all so they can charge you an arm and a leg to do it for you or "encourage" you to buy another iPhone or whatever the following year.

    I'm about OS X. I COULDN'T CARE LESS about the "cutesy" look or "thin" look or any other "look". I bought a Logitech backlit keyboard with excellent key repsonse for my Mac Mini along with an older model Microsoft Intellimouse (best 3 or 5 button mouse ever made, IMO, especially for people with larger hands). I bought a Mac for OS X not for Apple's funky keyboards, mice and trackpads.

    My problem is my 2008 Macbook Pro (mostly used for music production) is long past its prime and I've been waiting for a Thunderbolt III "all-in-one" solution that I could use for portability and a home dock. This model "sort of" gets there, but spending $3000 to do it (PLUS a dock that isn't even out yet with a desktop level GPU that would probably push it closer to $4000) just doesn't make good sense. I can easily afford to buy TWO separate computers for that kind of money. Frankly, the Mini I have could be put to use just for music production and I could just get another desktop. But Apple hasn't upgraded the Mini and they purposely limit it. The iMacs don't have good GPUs so I'd need a Windows machine or Playstation for any gaming (now at three computers).

    What Apple has done is ruin my vision of a single computer to rule them all by pricing a "reasonable" configuration (512 GB minimum, 1TB-2TB normal) out of the stratosphere (even by their own standards). They make their hard drives incompatible with mainstream drives so you can't just buy the default configuration and upgrade it yourself to a 1TB drive for $300.

    The important bit here is that Apple wasn't always this obtuse. They seem to think they are Prada now or something and that it's not about function, but owning something with the name "Apple" on it just for owning it sake (not use). I can't help but notice that since Tim Cook took over the CEO spot at Apple, they've increasingly become a STYLE company instead of a TECH company. Steve Jobs was always about the next big thing, but it had to be TECH first and innovative, not "here's the new limited edition "gold glitter" diamond studded iPhone model for $15,000) and what's Yosemite's new feature? It's got a whole new FLAT GUI baby! Tech features? Who needs those? It's modern looking girlfriend! (Snap) Apple watches now baby! Get yours with a Versace band today! Sorry, but Steve Jobs iPhone eliminated the need to carry a watch (you have a pocket watch in your pocket already).

    So my choices are now to either go back to Windows (where Microsoft will happily carefully analyze your handwriting, voice and fingerprints and keep them on file in case you even think about downloading a British TV show over a torrent) or I can get Linux and be dependent on volunteers to keep the download repositories up-to-date (else spend my time compiling instead of using software). Happy? Why would I be happy about computers being turned into window dressing and spyware or left in the hands of volunteer nerds who look down on you if you can't do everything from a power shell? My god, it's never been more difficult to have a computer that simply "works" and does everything you need without a hassle or paranoia of being spied on from creativity software to business software to gaming and ironically it shouldn't be easier with today's computing power. But the days of $3000 desktops died in the 1990s and Apple doesn't seem to get that. If the Mac Pro were a true "PRO" computer, maybe it would warrant options in that range, but it's dead on arrival and Apple won't even hint when it might get upgrades (this is why actual professionals have fled the Apple market years ago).
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    They are THINNER.... Thinner is the only thing important to fat CEOs !
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    In terms of Apple PRO does not refer to professional. There is not nothing PRO about any of their products anymore.
    Its so sweet and almost childish innocent the way they want their products to be pro. They should remove the PRO name and substitute the for CON.
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    What a load of **** you say there. I save pics from Photoshop that often are between 1 and 2 GB. Forget wireless and the cloud in these cases. Some people have to much money and use a MBP as an Air. If you do word processing and spreadsheets you don't need a Pro and tell us that it is good for pro work.
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    My concern with the next chipset is not the CPU or TB3, but rather the significant increase in iGPU performance which can extend battery life by as much as 300%.

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    Well, then at least you still have CalDigit as an option. Both their Thunderbolt 2 Dock and USB-C Dock do work with the new MacBook Pros 2016, 13" and 15". Connecting CalDigit Thunderbolt 2 Dock to MBP is easy, all you need is a 29 dollars dongle from Apple.

    or get the USB-C Dock which can do charging.

    Thunderbolt 3 might not be ready for its prime time, give companies some time.
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    This thing runs on 6th Gen Intel CPUs correct? Not 7th Gen intel CPUs?
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    When I read "what a load of ****" I wasn't sure what you were referring to. Then, as I read your post, I realized it was a warning to everyone reading regarding the rest of what you had to say.
  23. IG88, Nov 5, 2016
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    There are a lot of people claiming to know for certain that Plugable used a controller not suitable for Thunderbolt 3. How many of them actually read the datasheet for the TPS65982?
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    Q: Are you noticing more Dante-equipped audio gear showing up in production? Have you tried the BMD MultiDock II?
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    Have you seen that new BT-16? It's got USB-D. :D
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