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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is set to release a new immersive video on the Vision Pro on Friday, with "Parkour" labeled as episode two in the "Adventure" series. Episode one is the "Highlining" video that shows highliner Faith Dickey walking across a tightrope 3,000 feet above Norway's fjords.


A description of the Parkour episode invites Vision Pro wearers to join the "world's leading parkour athletes" as they go on a "gravity-defying trek across the streets and rooftops of Paris."

Apple says that its Adventure series is aimed at immersing Vision Pro users in the world of adventure "like never before." Apple works with pioneering athletes facing extraordinary challenges across the world.

Apple Immersive Video is an entertainment format that features 180-degree 3D 8K video recordings captured with spatial audio. The Vision Pro launched with several Immersive Videos, including Prehistoric Planet, Wild Life, and Alicia Keys: Rehearsal Room, and Apple has since added a video highlighting the best of the 2023 MLS Cup Playoffs.

The latest "Parkour" video is set to launch on Friday, May 24.

Article Link: New 'Parkour' Immersive Video Coming to Vision Pro on Friday


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Sep 26, 2023
This sounds pretty cool but this will definitely need to have a Motion Sickness Warning lol. I'm lucky in that I learned that I was immune to motion sickness in 2020 but most people don't know what their sensitivity is yet. Especially if it's parkour, which is notoriously bad for people with motion sickness


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Jan 19, 2006
Same. Apparently we are in the minority, too. Nothing like demonstrating your ground-breaking tech with content that was popular 15-20+ years ago.
This is great, but we need this kind of thing every week, without fail, to give people a reason to get excited about the product

I agree it would be nice to have more content like this weekly; and I do not think producing content featuring subject matter that was trendy or noticed several years ago takes away from how cool these immersive experiences are. For that matter I don’t think high-wire walking has been fashionable since it exploded on the circus scene in 1850; but it is still really amazing to watch. I for one have never seen anything comparable to the parkour or highlining episodes, except highlining and parkour on the Apple Vision Pro.

Not a reason to buy an AVP… but not a reason… not to.


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Oct 5, 2008
I would buy an AVP today if I could watch the Masters in 4K VR or if U2 releases a VR concert video from the Sphere in Las Vegas. I'd also like to be able to view my own VR content I've shot with my Insta360 One X camera on it.
Maybe in a couple of years.
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Feb 16, 2024
Nothing beats the GoPro wide angle IMO. This fisheye just looks more aesthetically pleasing than 180°. But maybe I am wrong and in future we will all have Apple Watch “comlink edition” on our wrists so it will project videos straight into the air
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Mar 27, 2017
Reminds me of GoPro who used this marketing strategy back in the 2010s to sell cameras. Unfortunately, it failed after a while. Consumers got used to these types of extreme videos. It didn't push the average consumer to buy more GoPros either.
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Jan 19, 2006
AVP is a dud. People who defend it are just flailing away trying to justify why they spent $3500 on a toy that gets boring to use after about a week
More than half of fortune 100 using it and you’re calling it a dud? Now that’s funny.

Are you still excited by a new iPhone during week 2? I think it might be that people who bought an AVP as a toy are disappointed, because toys of any price or type are disappointing after a week. That type of person, with forethought, I imagine would have returned it within that first week. But to a person who bought an AVP with productivity* in mind, possibly kept it because the AVP achieved that goal.

I believe the only thing holding the AVP back is the comfort. As for the price, it is not far off a monitor and computer.

*productivity, as used here, does not necessarily mean you’ll be more productive (you probably won’t be more productive, but you will enjoy the environment while you are engaging in productivity).
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