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Apr 12, 2001

A Smart Connector has been one of the features rumored for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but a new report from Japanese site Mac Otakara suggests Apple has decided not to include a Smart Connector on the upcoming devices.

The Smart Connector, first introduced with the iPad Pro, is a new type of port designed to transfer both data and power between the iPad Pro and accessories like the Smart Keyboard. It's never been clear what purpose a Smart Connector would serve on an iPhone, but speculation ranged from battery cases to wireless charging.

Hints that a Smart Connector would be included on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus first surfaced in an image said to be of the iPhone 7 Plus shared by a Chinese website in March. It is still not clear whether that image depicts an actual iPhone 7 device, a mockup based on design schematics, or a counterfeit device. A Smart Connector was also depicted in design drawings created by Mac Fan, but those drawings are often largely based on circulating rumors.


Mac Otakara suggests Apple decided to shelve the Smart Connector after considering it as an included feature, but given the questionable nature of the original rumor, it's possible a Smart Connector was never planned for the device. Rumors about the iPhone 7 are still uncertain with a lot of conflicting information surfacing, so the final design and features of the device continue to be up in the air.

Rumors have disagreed on features like waterproofing, the removal of the headphone jack, the thickness of the iPhone 7, stereo speakers, whether the camera will protrude, and more, but it's likely a clearer picture of the iPhone 7 will emerge in the months leading up to its prospective fall release.

Article Link: New Rumor Suggests iPhone 7 Won't Include Smart Connector After All
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May 17, 2009
Las Vegas, Nevada
Rumors have disagreed on features like waterproofing, the removal of the headphone jack...

I sure hope they don't remove the headphone jack!
I actually use that quite a bit, what with headphones (of course), but also plugging into vehicle AUX connections.

I realize that wireless technologies, such as Bluetooth are become standard in vehicles, but they are not ubiquitous. Still a few more years on that.

Walt D in LV
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Chupa Chupa

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Jul 16, 2002
Honestly, not a big concern. I've never had any interest typing anything but short texts, tweets, and email on my phone. Hooking up a keyboard never entered in my mind. It seems like a torture method akin to having to write "I will not pass notes in class" on the chalkboard 100 times during recess on a perfect spring day with the windows open and everyone outside playing in ear shot.
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Dec 7, 2013
I guess I am not heartbroken. The chance of me ever docking my phone with a keyboard are quite slim. Granted I know it could be used for other features, but I think we are in a world now were BT wireless connections make more sense.
Or it could be the battery case after their debacle with the camel hump
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Jun 11, 2007
Who knows what would be done with it anyways.... I can't see Apple making a keyboard for the iPhone. They probably had some other accessory in mind
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