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Apr 12, 2001

iFixit confirms that the processor revealed in the leaked 4th generation iPhone is an Apple A4 processor. iFixit was also able to confirm the Samsung DRAM part number indicating that the next generation iPhone will have 256MB of RAM. This is the same amount of RAM found in the iPhone 3GS and iPad.


The new device was also labeled as "N90 PRO2". N90 is the product id number for the next generation iPhone, though we aren't certain what "PRO2" means. The Gizmodo prototype phone was labeled DVT which is said to stand for "design verification test". We can only speculate at this point that PRO could stand for prototype or production.


Here are translated impressions by forum reader lincolntran of the Tinte post originally written in Vietnamese:
iPhone 4G has a totally new design in comparing with previous generations of iPhone. Not only looking stronger (aluminum and glass) when holding in your hand, you will be surprise to think that it was put together by several separate parts because it feels like a solid block. Because of the square/block design, it feels a little uncomfortable in your hand in comparing with the previous generation of iPhone. You can feel the sharp edges come in contact with your hand.

There is no longer a metal bezel on the front, only a black surface. The back design is also the same, a single piece of glass convering all the Logo, camera, flash, and other information...look very classy. We can see that the front and back are pieces of glass that were attached to the aluminum frame. When looking at another angel, people will see that aluminum frame was brilliantly made; a lot of attention to the details, thing like speakers, earphone, mic.... Beside the only home button in the front, there is another small camera right on the left of the speaker, under the glass surface.

The 4 edges contain the same buttons with the same functions as the previous iPhones. The volume buttons are now separate and are round. Next to the headphone plug and power button, there a small hole, which looks like a mic's hole. It's possible that this is the noice canceling mic. The SIM card has been moved to the right side, like on the iPad.

Dimension: iPhone 4G is thinner than the previous iPhones (about 2.5mm), the width is also narrower, about 3.5mm (this is because of the aluminum frame), the height is about 1mm higher. These changes have made the new iPhone looks longer or higher.

When turning on the iPhone, only the inferno screen is showed and some information that look like command lines. Perhap this screen showed up not because of Apple remotely locked the machine but the phone is locked locally after a time interval without the user entering a certain code.

Article Link: Next iPhone: A4 Processor, 256MB RAM, N90 PRO2, Translated Impressions


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Feb 18, 2010
I really like the new design a lot better than pervious ones... so much more masculine looking.

I just don't get the circular buttons on the sides...


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Jul 21, 2007
can't wait! oh. I guess I'll have to wait until at least 6/21/10. 256MB RAM works fine in iPad. Should be plenty for iPhone.


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Jan 24, 2005
Bay Area, CA
iPad has the same. I'm guessing you think its weak too?

I'm thinking that multitasking is being introduced and that some Android phones have 512MB of RAM. Yes, most definitely WEAK. This combined with the hideous design looks for another disappointing release.


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Jul 16, 2002
The reported discomfort of the sharper edges is worrisome. And those gaps on the aluminum sides might make for excellent pocket snags/lint collectors.


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Dec 10, 2004
this iphone 4 is going to be an utter fail in the light of the new android phones released and being released. Android just releases too many phones for Apple's 'one phone a year' game.


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Feb 16, 2010
Let the "only 256 MB RAM" whining begin.

I only hope it can handle the bigger screen resolution. Guess it's fine if it already works in the iPad, though.

As a dev, the less memory configurations I have to support, the better. Hope the 3G and its 128MB fade into oblivion soon. But I'm just being lazy...

Anyone thinks an iPod Touch-version of this will be announced anytime soon (say, this year) ? As a yet-starting, independent dev, I can't afford multiple phone contracts...


Mar 7, 2007
Midwest America.
Doesn't this (shouldn't this) take some of the air out of the case against those involved in the 'theft' of the 4g in CA?

Apparently Apple can't keep secrets very well, or they are getting desperate to try to keep their market from bleeding to the Droid phones...


Mar 28, 2010
Aweful design

I am still hoping that Steve is pulling a big prank (or throwing off the scent of the competition) by throwing out these brinks. This thing looks horrible.
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