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Apr 12, 2001

MacWorld Sweden caught the attention of iPhone users when they reported that Swedish carrier Telia is planning on bringing Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) to their iPhone users. MMS is a feature that has been long requested by iPhone users and would allow the easy sending of multimedia (photos, video) to your contacts.

Their solution appears that it may be a third party application developed by Swedish developer Mobispine. Mobispine is marketing their MMS application to mobile carriers (such as AT&T) as a solution to provide the service to their end users.
We're confident that operators will find the service easy to use and profitable with an opportunity to expand messaging usage, improve subscriber retention and hopefully increase revenue. The service will also increase customer loyalty and recognition as the brand is displayed on the user's phone. The application is white-labelled and will be branded for each operator and distributed via the App store.
While there have been many MMS-like applications that have appeared in the App Store, this solution appears like it would tie in directly with the carrier, allowing more seamless messaging between mobile phones. Of course, this would also mean that carriers would likely be able to charge a premium for MMS messages.


Mobispine describes their app:
MMS on iPhone enables easy, convenient and cost-effective communication with colleagues, friends and family. Users can easily create a new MMS and attach a picture from an album on the phone or simply take a new snapshot with the camera. The application is integrated with the iPhone's contacts for easy access. Some of the key features for end-users include the ability to easily send and receive messages from iPhone to any phone with a native and intuitive user interface. The application also offers the ability to capture a picture via the iPhone camera or the option to select from existing photos.
Apple will still have to approve the application for inclusion in the App Store, but with the mobile carrier's blessing, it seems likely this app would see approval.

Article Link: 'Official' MMS May Arrive for iPhone


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Jan 10, 2008
It seems like this pain-in-the-ass method of checking MMS messages could've been made a lot easier, even without built-in support. For instance - Instead of having to get the username and password from the message, write it down, then go to the site and log in, you should have a link sent to you(akin to getting free starbucks wifi on your iphone). When you touch the link, it opens up safari and displays your message without having to go thru all the BS... Just a thought.:confused:


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Feb 12, 2004
At Last!

At last I will be able to see all those pics people keep sending me.

It was getting embarrassing!



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May 29, 2008
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Sounds cool to me!


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Dec 17, 2007
Now that I've had it with the iPhone and sold it to get a Blackberry Storm, this comes along :[

I'm sad.


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Sep 28, 2007
If they just added the ability to forward text messages I'll be happy.


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Feb 4, 2004
Florida Resident
Why can't it be part of the iPhone? I don't want it as an App. That sounds like a hack job. I hope I can record video on my iPhone someday without jailbreaking it.

eff pc

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Jul 12, 2008
no one is going to pay extra for MMS...especially when MMS messages on any other phone counts no more than a regular text msg (well at least thats how AT&T in the US works). I also agree with a previous poster, I'd rather have a native app. Unless the carrier has special abilities to have it push to the phone, there is no point in it. How Apple should do it is...when you get an MMS msg., it comes in like a text (in the SMS app) and says You have a MMS msg...u click the msg or the blue arrow to the right and it displays the MMS msg (like in picture mode where you can hide the navigation bars by tapping the screen)(and be able to save it if its a picture like you do in safari). also...SMS/MMS forwarding is needed many times i want to forward a msg to someone and have to retype it (which i usually end up not doing). (a way to do this is hold the msg u want to forward and a popup box comes up...options...forward or cancel) thats what the iphone needs...and copy and paste of course


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Jul 30, 2007
Sin City, NV
If we are paying for unlimited data and $30 for unlimited text and then they charge another fee for MMS, I, and a lot of people im sure, will be very upset
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