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Sep 14, 2003
Madison, WI

iPhone data plan dubbed the iPlan?

No, we're not kidding. Although iPlan might simply be used internally to refer to the Apple iPhone data plan, this streak of info came from a pretty high up source of ours, and it looks to be accurate. The iPhone data plan will be around $34.99-$44.99 and feature unlimited data, and either 2000 text messages, or unlimited text messages (we still have not confirmed which, but unlimited text messages would be awesome). For anyone trying to snuff the FedEx driver on his way in to deliver the iPhones, be prepared, because all FedEx drivers are said to be assigned, and delivering to stores in teams. Well, what if we raid the stockroom the night before, we'll end up with a bunch of iPhones right? Wrong. Apple's cleverness was revealed when they announced the 6:00PM release time to make sure stores would have just got shipments, and couldn't sell them earlier. Are we putting all our faith in FedEx? Everything appears so as FedEx will be shipped the iPhones on Tuesday, or Wednesday, and the iPhones will sit in FedEx local sort facilities and hubs until Friday, where they will then be delivered.

iPhone to get unlimited data "iPlan?"

The iPhone will launch this week with a special data plan attached to it, according to high-placed source with access to AT&T. The contacts claim that the provider has decided to create a custom plan for the device, known internally as the "iPlan," that will enable all its features without requiring a premium. Current details reportedly call for a price between $35-45 per month that would offer unlimited Internet access over EDGE as well as a minimum of 2,000 SMS messages. The plan may even grow to include unlimited texting, the source says.

Such a plan would be unique compared to those for other smartphones served by AT&T's network. Its closest equal would be AT&T's PDA Personal Max plan, which is intended for high-end smartphones and typically precludes the use of Wi-Fi without a more expensive plan. Other service options are also more specialized and include plans for BlackBerry messaging or PC data cards.

Differences in calling plans, if any, have yet to be revealed.

Also mentioned separately is word of added security for FedEx shipments of the iPhone to retail stores. The express delivery company is said to be pre-assigning drivers and will require that they ship the iPhone in teams, preventing theft either by drivers or by outsiders. The 6PM timing of the retail launch is similarly a deliberate maneuver to control the flow of phones by making the final leg of the shipment in the afternoon and prevent AT&T stores from selling the phone prematurely, according to the report.

This would seem reasonable as it's already confirmed that iPhone will have a special plan, and there's no way it would be these ridiculous amounts people are thinking it is for a base plan (e.g., over $100-120/mo, etc.).

Also, AT&T is putting a lowercase "i" in front of nearly everything in its internal materials (e.g., calling the launch day "iDay", etc., so iPlan wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility).


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Nov 20, 2003
Doh! You beat me to to post. I hope the plan is what they are reporting... Although SJ may get mad at the info leak and cancel the whole thing! :p


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Apr 17, 2006
Las Vegas
$40/mo for unlimited txts (or 2000 texts which is basically unlimited for me considering i only use about 100/mo now) and unlimited data is pretty good.


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Apr 12, 2001
Possible iPhone Data Plan Pricing?

Boy Genius Report claims that their sources indicate that the iPhone's data plan will be around $34.99-$44.99 per month and feature unlimited data transfer. The text message allotment appears to be up in the air between either 2000 text messages or unlimited text.

Boy Genius Report also states that FedEx will be holding deliveries to retail stores until Friday itself, so stores will only be stocked immediately before the iPhones go on sale.

One AT&T spokesperson had claimed that they would be releasing voice and data plans prior to the Friday launch, but no information has yet been announced. A Page 2 story noted that the AT&T wireless store did go down for maintenance earlier today, but has since come back up with no obvious changes.



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Oct 10, 2006
Portland, OR
If I'm reading this correctly, that would still make an iPhone voice+data plan about $100/mo. I'm not saying that's too much, but since I currently don't have a data plan at all, it would be quite a change in how much I budget for my phone use. Hmm.


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Jun 25, 2007
Why is everyone questioning what the plans are going to be. They have been the same for several several years with all the ohter PDA phones...No big News here! If your going to buy the phone who really cares about the plan. If you cant afford the plan then you cant afford the phone


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Jun 20, 2007
Is it mandatory?

will iPhone buyers be required to get an iPhone plan, or can they simply get the phone and continue to use their existing plan?


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Mar 31, 2004
A geographical oddity
The data plan seems a bit pricy. There seemed to be some speculation (hope?) that it would be the $20 that the MediaNet Unlimited plan for Smartphones would be the winner in the "what kind of phone is it?" debate. This price could be enough to drive users off of it, making Wi-Fi only use for data that much more attractive.


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Jun 25, 2007
So your not going to buy a 600 buck phone because you cant pay the 45 a month HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


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Apr 7, 2003
So your not going to buy a 600 buck phone because you cant pay the 45 a month HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

What's your point?

It's not unreasonable to question the plan rates, especially if it means paying over $3000 over a two year period.


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Oct 23, 2002
Wow. My wife's Treo 700p on Sprint pays only $15 a month for unlimited data over EVDO... $35 to $45 seems really pricey by comparison, especially at EDGE speeds.


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Feb 17, 2003
with Hamburglar.
Which of these two scenarios is more appealing?

$500 + $40/month for data= $1460 + voice plan
$740 + $30/month for data= $1460 + voice plan


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Jun 18, 2007
So your not going to buy a 600 buck phone because you cant pay the 45 a month HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

you do realize that over 2 years that is an extra $1000 to your plan.. If your already paying $69 a month for voice (like me), an extra $45 really puts a hurt on your wallet... ESPECIALLY if you spent $600 on the phone...

sorry we all arent as rich as you...


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Sep 27, 2005
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could someone enlighten me as to what "text" and "data" consist of?
The data Im pretty sure would fall into the web browsing realm but the text part im not too sure of seeing that I have never text messaged anyone before. Is "text" only for texting or are there other functions that would be grouped into that?


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Jun 25, 2007
I called att this morning, and they said they were not going to make people change their current plans. I have am part of a corporate plan, and the rep i talked to said that would work fine.
Not sure if a different rep would give a different story.


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Dec 26, 2006
So your not going to buy a 600 buck phone because you cant pay the 45 a month HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

thats $1080 over 2 years ... and that would go on the contract you sign.

plus the data services are bound to become cheaper in coming years .. you need to consider that as well.


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Jun 20, 2007
Still seems steep...

While I can certainly afford the iPhone 8GB model, I do not want to spend a proverbial assload on the voice/data plans. I feel as if I am already getting screwed into their 'lowest' voice plan with 450min a month for $39.99. I never even come close to that and I use my cell as my home phone. My data plan now is $19.99/mo for unlimited Multi-Media messages, 1000 text and 5MB of data a month. I never come close to using that either. Though I do think I'll use the internet a little more with the iPhone, I think $29.99 is a little more reasonable, make it like 50MB or something then so I can have a choice of that limited or a more expensive unlimited plan. If I can keep my bill to less than $80/mo I'd feel much more confortable with the purchase...
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