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    Hi all.
    Getting a new computer for college. I'm coming from a 2011 MBP, and I find it just about powerful enough for most things I do - a bit of coding on Xcode, some music-making on Logic, otherwise just word processing and web browsing (usually with too many tabs...). It's starting to get a bit old, and I am basically out of space with ~500GB, so I definitely want an increase - hopefully to 1TB so I could use Bootcamp and install space-consuming add-ons for Logic, which I currently cannot. (Lots of photos and programs and games which I would really rather keep on the computer instead of using hard drives the whole time.)
    Looking at the new MBPs, I'm excited to move onto full SSDs from my current manual hybrid setup, and the retina display of course, but the only option I can find for configuring to increase storage is the top-tier MBP! I don't think I need the most power seeing as I do just fine on an SSD-equiped 2011, but I definitely need more storage than the bottom-tier MBPs offer. Is there any way to configure this? Alternatively, is this possible with a MBA?
    Or am I being too demanding and either have to fork over for the highest-end, or get used to external hard drives?

    Many thanks in advance
    PS: Is there a refresh expected before/shortly after September to wait for?
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    If you want a 13 inch with 1TB then that's only available on the top tier one because that's the only real change between models is the SSD size (the CPU clock speed makes very little difference).

    The 15 inch machine can be configured with 1tb SSD on either machine.

    There should be new rMBP's anytime between now and August.

    Or you could buy a base model and put one of these in it

    Be warned its stupidly expensive, not as fast as what Apple use and can't use trim.

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