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Apr 12, 2001

Following this morning's deluge of Apple product leaks from Chinese Weibo account "Kang," Jon Prosser has claimed that Apple's rumored "AirPods Studio" premium headphones will not feature at Apple's iPhone 12 event next week.


According to Prosser, three separate sources of his have now confirmed that "AirPods Studio will NOT be in the event." That prediction falls in line with Prosser's claim earlier this week the headphones won't reach mass production until October 20.

Prosser thinks AirPods Studio could instead be announced via press release at the end of the month. It's also worth noting that as of late September Apple stopped selling third-party audio accessories like speakers and headphones, suggesting a new HomePod "Mini" or AirPods Studio launch is imminent.

In addition, Prosser claims the image renders floating about are of the "luxury variant" and will retail for $599, while another "sport-like variant" will be made of cheaper materials for $350, which is notably the same pricing as the current Beats Studio in the Beats lineup.

In another tweet this morning, Prosser says he is being told that Apple has "pushed back the announcement and launch of Apple's AirTags to March 2021." "AirTags" are said to be the name of Apple's Tile-like Bluetooth tracking devices, designed to be attached to items like keys and wallets. These item trackers will let you keep an eye on your possessions right in the Find My app.

For what it's worth, Prosser believes Chinese leaker Kang's information regarding the iPhone 12 and rumored HomePod Mini is accurate, and Prosser may have amended his own claims about AirTags and AirPods Studio in light of their absence from Kang's hefty pre-Apple event leak dump.

Article Link: Prosser: AirPods Studio to Start at $350 But Won't Feature at Next Week's Apple Event, AirTags Delayed Until March 2021
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Mar 3, 2008


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Dec 12, 2007
It's a little weird to claim that the leaked photos represent the luxury variant and that the latter will feature leather... despite no leather being present in the leaked photo.

What the leaked photos suggest to me in terms of materials :
- Fabric for earpads and the underside of the headband. On the matter of earpads I think that Prosser's renders are inaccurate and that the leaked photos sill make it a possibility that the AirPods Studio will be an over-ear type of headphones and not just an on-ear. It's also a lot more consistent with Apple's patents for ear detection.
- A sort of flexible silicone / plastic type of material for the upper side of the headband. The leaked photos and videos suggest that it's either in black or dark grey and white.
- Something akin to stainless steel for the extending arms
- Aluminium or an aluminium-like finish for the ear cups, possibly in "silver" for the model with the white headband and "space grey" for the one with the black one.

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May 30, 2016
I posted this in the iPhone 12 article, but it’s a lot more fitting here, so I’m gonna post it here as well.

Trust me, this is one of these situations where I’m hoping that Prosser is absolutely wrong.
But if he’s not, Apple, what the hell are you doing?
First, you introduce the Apple Watch SE at an extra $79 then was predicted? That thing should have been $199. That’s the magic price point, remember? Phil Schiller and Steve Jobs used to talk about that all the time. $199 is the magic price point, not $279. even $299 would’ve sounded better psychologically. Come on now.
Then, just to add insult to injury, you take away the ceramic option for the Apple Watch. Yeah, it was quite expensive, and very much not popular. But I know people who actually liked it.
Then, you take your iPad Air, basically turn it into an iPad Pro, and upped the price. Apple has always tried to keep that $499 price. They have rarely moved away from it. But now its 599? What is going on. also, it is October. Where is it. Where is the iPad Air. You already have your next event scheduled, all the products from your previous event should be out by now.
Then, you have had an Apple TV ready for over a year according to rumors. But you’re still selling the old Apple TV HD from 2015, even though you know that it’s completely outdated. introduce a new model, or at least discontinue the HD. That’s just bad for customers, they don’t know that they’re buying a five-year-old product.
And now, you have two of your most exciting products in a long time, the AirPods studio, and the air tags. And you’re going to have the entire Internet attention next Tuesday. And what do you choose to do?
Delay the air tags another six months, even though all signs point to them already being ready, and Price gouge The AirPods Studio. The rumor has been that they would be $349. Where the hell is this $599 coming from, and why would anyone spend $600 on Apple headphones?
Seriously, I get that it’s a weird year and all, but what type of crack is Apple on.

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May 30, 2016
To be fair to everyone, the AirTags have been rumored to come out since June 2019.
They were rumored to be announced at WWDC 2019, and they were not.
They were rumored to be announced in September 2019 with the iPhone 11‘s new U1 chip, and they were not.
Apple was rumored to have an October 2019 event with the 16 inch MacBook Pro, AirPods Pro, and AirTags. That didn’t happen.
They were rumored to come out in March/April with the iPhone SE and the 2020 iPad Pro. Clearly that didn’t happen.
They even leaked in an Apple support video in April 2020. Yet we still don’t have them.
It’s starting to feel like a repeat of the airpower situation. We know they exist, Apple has actually leaked their existence. They are more than just a rumored product at this point. Literally, the only thing they haven’t done is officially said what they are. But they have leaked the name.
And just like airpower, every time there’s an event, every time there’s a website refresh, anytime there’s a new commercial, anything, the rumor is that the airtags will be there. And they never are.
So at this point, either they’re having major technical difficulties, they are scared of antitrust investigations, or they don’t even know when they will launch.
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