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Apr 12, 2001

Razer today announced the launch of the Razer Phone Cooler Chroma, a MagSafe-compatible fan that's designed to attach to the back of an iPhone.


While there's a MagSafe version for the iPhone 12 and 13 models, there's also a second version with a clamp design that's meant for Android phones and that would also work with non-MagSafe iPhones.

Razer says that the Phone Cooler Chroma has a 7-blade fan with up to 6400rpm, and a 30dB noise profile for quiet performance. There's a Bluetooth connection to adjust the fan properties, and it is meant to work with a USB-C power cable as there is no included battery.


According to Razer, the device is meant to provide "advanced cooling technology" for improved gaming performance. The included 12 Razer Chroma RGB lights can also be customized.

The Razer Phone Cooler Chroma can be purchased from the Razer website for $60.

Article Link: Razer Launches MagSafe-Compatible Cooling Fan for iPhones
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Mar 29, 2011
My iPhone certainly gets hot occasionally, but never right in the center. Usually at the very top to the side on most models iirc. Makes sense that you don't want heat near the induction coil or the battery.
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May 14, 2012
It’s a sad day when an iPhone needs a cooling fan. :rolleyes:

Apple should make the Apple logo area connect to the internal heat sink and a case would extend it for better cooling.

I still don’t get the dimming of the screen. We are now using OLED now.
Rather have it slow the CPU down than dim the screen. They should have an option to choose.

Was thinking of 3d printing a case with a extra slim fan with vents on the side and powers off the lightning port.


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Aug 17, 2007
Seattle, WA
Must be the flopp product of the year. Who buys this?

The sad answer is likely a fair number of people, otherwise Razer would not have invested the money to research, design and produce this product. :rolleyes:

Razer has been producing a line of "cooling cases" for various Android phones and there are other makes of active cooling fans for Android phones so they knew a market for it exists, evidently.
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