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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's second-generation AirPods Pro Charging Case is equipped with a set of little metal holes at the right side, with the holes designed to accommodate a lanyard. Apple does not provide a lanyard with the AirPods Pro, and is in fact selling just one on its website and in retail stores.


The Incase Lanyard is priced at $12.95, and it was designed with the AirPods Pro in mind, launching on the same day as the new earbuds. The lanyard features a thin gray strap that slides into the holes of the AirPods Pro and then loops to hold on securely.


It is a standardized lanyard design that is used for all kinds of accessories, and you're probably familiar with it if you've worn a badge or had a smartphone case with a lanyard loop available. The loop that attaches to the AirPods Pro is in turn attached to a lighter gray plastic clip, and at the end of the plastic clip, there is a longer, thicker gray braided loop that can be wrapped around the wrist or looped over a backpack or bag strap.


I like to attach my AirPods Pro to an inside zipper inside my backpack, leaving it accessible while also hiding it from view. The aforementioned clip can be used for attaching the Incase Lanyard to objects as you can loop it over and then tuck the strap into the clip's edge. The clip is tight, so it does feel secure. I have also used the wrist strap for carrying the AirPods Pro when I don't have a bag with me, and I feel that it's comfortable and secure. I appreciate the braided design, but the all gray design is boring. I wish Apple and Incase offered the Incase Lanyard in a better range of colors.


If you're using the Incase Lanyard to attach the AirPods Pro to keys, your wrist, or the outside of a bag, it is worth noting that there is no mechanism that secures the case of the AirPods Pro itself. Should the AirPods Pro 2 lid happen to pop open, your AirPods could fall out.

Incase says that the lanyard measures in at 9.25 inches long, and that felt like a good length for use as a wrist strap, if a little long. I did put effort into pulling on both sides of the plastic clip, and the lanyard feels well made and durable.


All in all, the Incase Lanyard is fine, and I have no complaints about it. It serves its purpose, and seems like it will hold up for quite some time. I do want to point out that at $13, it's not going to break the bank, but it is comparatively expensive. On, you can buy multi-packs of lanyards for half as much since you can use any lanyard with the skinny loop design.

How to Buy

The Incase Lanyard can be purchased from the online Apple Store for $12.95.

Article Link: Review: Incase's Lanyard Pairs Well With AirPods Pro 2, But is Comparatively Expensive
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Aug 29, 2009
Even if the plug part is tight, I'd still be paranoid of it falling out, or wearing out and not being as secure in the long term.

And obviously it's not designed for it, but it doesn't do anything to prevent the case itself from opening and spilling your Airpods, so you're going to need or want something for that...
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Eldaerenth Faexidor

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Aug 30, 2022
Using a lanyard on the APP2 is a nonsensical thing to do imo and quite frankly ill advised. Maybe it’s just me but I baby them until the day AppleCare+ is expiring.


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Sep 8, 2016
White (or any color you prefer) Rubber Bands to keep the case closed with the lanyard? 😉
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