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Apr 12, 2001

For many computer users, pairing a laptop with one or more external displays offers the ideal combination of portability and productivity. But if you're like me, you might miss that expansive screen real estate when you disconnect your displays and head out with just your laptop. That's where the Monduo 16-Inch Pro Duo comes in, offering a pair of 16-inch displays that fan out on either side of your laptop's screen to give you millions more pixels to work with even while you're out on the road.


The $800 Monduo Pro Duo isn't the only dual portable external display accessory on the market, but of the major ones I've seen it comes the closest to approaching the high-end specs of the built-in displays on Apple's notebooks. Optimized for 16-inch laptops like Apple's larger MacBook Pro, the Pro Duo's displays each measure in at a very similar 16 inches, with 100% DCI-P3 color support, 2560 ✕ 1600 resolution on each display, 500 nits of brightness, and variable refresh up to 144Hz.

The MacBook Pro's display is of course a bit higher-end with mini-LED, a higher resolution and pixel density, and 10-bit vs. 8-bit color, but the Monduo Pro Duo stacks up very well compared to other available options.


Perhaps the biggest question before even setting the Pro Duo up is whether this is practical to take with you, and I did find that to be the case. It measures in at 15.3 inches (38.8 cm) wide, 9.6 inches (24.4 cm) high, and 1.1 inches (2.8 cm) thick when folded up, and it weighs 4.2 pounds (1.9 kg). That gives it a bit larger footprint than my 16-inch MacBook Pro while being slightly lighter, but it's nearly twice as thick. Still, if you have a spacious computer bag with a couple of compartments as I do, there's a chance the Pro Duo could slide right in there.



Setting up the Monduo Pro Duo is pretty straightforward, as it consists of a single unit with the two displays that fold out to the sides. The main support unit is expandable horizontally, allowing you to mount it onto your laptop's display and slide it snugly against the display for a good fit. The areas that contact your laptop are padded to prevent damage, and there's a fold-down kickstand on the rear of the center section to help support the Pro Duo.


The two displays of the Pro Duo connect to your laptop using included cables, and Monduo offers several options to match your setup needs. Each of the two displays includes a pair of USB-C ports and a mini HDMI port. For users connecting both displays over USB-C, there are two USB-C to USB-C cables each with a 90-degree connector on one end to work with the downward-facing ports on the Pro Duo displays. One cable measures 30 cm while the other measures 88 cm, offering flexibility if you need to run both cables to the same side of your laptop.

Unpacking the Pro Duo

If you only have one available USB-C port on your laptop, the second Pro Duo display can instead be connected over HDMI thanks to an 88 cm mini-HDMI to HDMI cable with 90-degree connector. If you opt for that setup, you'll also need to connect a USB-C power cable to that display panel, and you can use either the included USB-C to USB-C power cable or the included 90-degree USB-C adapter with your own cable.


Once everything is physically connected, you'll need to download the Monduo app, which manages the display drivers to support high-resolution options and synchronization with the built-in display. The app also offers quick menu bar access to make changes to brightness and resolution, as well as color and hardware adjustments, for each of the Pro Duo's displays. Each Pro Duo display also includes an on-screen menu and a couple of hardware buttons to help you make adjustments to settings like brightness and contrast, sharpness, gamma, color modes, and more.

Display Performance

The Pro Duo's displays aren't on the level of the MacBook Pro's, but they're quite solid. The 16-inch displays are a nice match to the MacBook Pro, especially when many popular competitors are offering displays in the 10–12-inch range.

The pixel density on the Pro Duo displays is a bit lower than that of the MacBook Pro (2560 ✕ 1600 for the Pro Duo vs. 3456 ✕ 2234 for the MacBook Pro), but with display scaling you can ensure that things look pretty uniform across all three of your displays. You just won't get full Retina quality on the Pro Duo displays... Click here to read rest of article

Article Link: Review: Monduo's 16-Inch Pro Duo Triples Your MacBook Pro Display Space on the Go
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Jun 8, 2021
As you might expect with two big 16-inch displays hanging off the sides off your laptop, this setup really needs to be used on a large, solid surface for stability. The resulting setup is quite wide and just isn't very practical to use on a lap or other soft or uneven surface.

Can't wait to see someone try to use this on a plane.


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Aug 13, 2012
PSA - there a ton of better options out there. They may not attach to your MacBook but they usually all come with stands. I use a portable 15 inch monitor whenever I travel. I’ve been debating on adding a 14in 2K one that you can easily find under $200 on Amazon. Just search “portable monitor”, these things are everywhere and have been available for a while. Plus, they’ll be more compact that this setup.

Here’s just one example:
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I wonder if AR/VR will eventually render this kind of tech obsolete for screen real estate on the go.
No added weight, any amount of screen width and height! 3 screens. 6 screens. 12 screens. X number of Mac screens with Y number of iPad screens with Z number of iPhone screens and your TV screen or two. Virtual also means flexible. Mix and match or scale to any size.

Demo anyone? (new product from a guy whose (earlier) company was purchased about 10 years ago by... guess who)...

Apple filed a patent for this kind of thing in 2018, granted in 2020. The patent includes an exhibit of a figure wearing what appears to be goggles using what appears to be the bottom half of a MB and virtual screens out in front of him/her...


It seems increasingly easy to connect the dots to this ONE, seemingly-huge benefit of the Goggles.
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Aug 19, 2002
Mid-West USA
Whoa, to think I used to haul the original Mac in an official Mac backpack to work every day in an office with no computers for word processing. All it got me was writing Pre-Sentence Investigations for all defendants charged in the same crime. :rolleyes: Because I could cut and paste We have come far.


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Oct 31, 2018
Toronto, Canada
No added weight, any amount of screen width and height! 3 screens. 6 screens. 12 screens. X number of Mac screens with Y number of iPad screens with Z number of iPhone screens and your TV screen or two. Virtual also means flexible. Mix and match or scale to any size.
Maybe, but they would be pretty low res by the time you’ve added a few…
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