Rumors of June Launch for Updated iMacs Begin to Build

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    Digitimes points to a report in Taiwan's Economic Daily News claiming that Apple is planning to introduce updated iMac models in June, a bit later than some had initially hoped given Intel's Ivy Bridge launch schedule that would see quad-core desktop processors launch at the end of this month.
    The report repeats a claim from earlier this week indicating that Apple will be using anti-reflective glass for the new iMac, and also suggests that updated MacBook Pro models are due "at the end of the second quarter".


    Unfortunately, Economic Daily News does not have a terribly good track record when it comes to Apple rumors, with past misses including an iPhone nano in 2009, a 7-inch iPad in 2010, and a Retina-display iPad by the end of 2011. But perhaps coming in support of the newspaper's claim of a June launch for updated iMac models, How to Arena earlier this week claimed a similar June-July timeframe for updated iMac models.

    As for Economic Daily News' claim that Apple will be releasing MacBook Pro updates at the end of the quarter, which would mean late June, Apple's situation appears to be complicated by chip availability from Intel. While quad-core chips appropriate for the 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro are said to be launching on April 29, dual-core chips viewed as successors to those used in the current 13-inch model do not appear to be launching until early June.

    Recent reports have indicated that production on new 15-inch models has begun ramping up but that 13-inch MacBook Pro updates won't begin ramping until June, and it is unclear whether Apple would introduce the new 15-inch models before the 13-inch models are ready.

    Article Link: Rumors of June Launch for Updated iMacs Begin to Build
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    So this is all moot.

    I stopped reading after this
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    Mar 17, 2012
    This is probably why Apple was hiring more people to work, not for the iPhone.
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    Mar 22, 2010
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    Jun 20, 2010
    Who cares, this is a family computer give me a Mac pro with 32 gb ram
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    Oct 7, 2011
    I like my Macbook Pro. But I sold my 2011 iMac and built my own PC with the money I got from it. It is a lot more powerful, and upgradeable, as desktop computers should be. I feel like the iMac is a large notebook, and will continue that way. Before all the haters vote this down, think about this in regards to the iMac: The hard drive is not user replaceable, and besides the RAM, nothing is replaceable or upgradeable. So, here is my huge "no thanks" to Apple and the iMac.
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    New iMacs

    Apple should drop the disc drives. Steve would have.
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    I'm REALLY hoping i don't have to wait until June to update. Hoping for early to mid May at latest.
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    Still curious to see what happened to the 35W quad cores...something tells me they're going to sneak in at the last second.
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    New hardware with Mountain Lion this summer. Sounds like a plan!
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    That is the limitation of the all-in-one design, not just the iMac. Apple is not the only one who makes all-in-one desktops. So that argument could really be applied to an HP or Dell all-in-one. All-in-one's are not supposed to be easily upgradable, towers are. So you are comparing two very unlike terms. Considering multiple companies make all-in-one desktops, I do not know why you felt like singling out Apple.
  14. I8P'CS, Apr 6, 2012
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    Still no redesign news!! People will be disappointed waiting this long just for spec bump. Oh well:D Did i hurt someone feeling? Cos i can't understand the down vote. Oh well, keep waiting. HAHA 9 PEOPLE AND COUNTING ANGRY. MUST OF TOUCHED A NERVE
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    So why didn't you just get a Mac Pro?
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    A quick look at the back of an iMac disproves this:

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    This confirms sell in April-May and go away. But thereafter, back up the truck.


  18. 3282868, Apr 6, 2012
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    Maybe because Apple has neglected their tower Mac Pro, focusing on iMac's, MacBook Pro's and iDevices while the other companies you have mentioned have not? Not meant to be sarcastic.

    Personally, ever since Apple went to Intel processors in 2006 and dropped the affordable PowerMac's for Xeon based, expensive Mac Pro's, there is now a huge gap between the top model iMac and Mac Pro. A lot have been clamoring for a mid-tower system, perhaps with iMac guts but upgradable for businesses and professionals (and even power consumers) that cannot afford $2499+ for a base Mac Pro. I miss the days when PowerMac's began at ~$1500 price points with a choice of three CCFL LCD's.

    Those images don't relate to the point he made, and that is the guts of the system. As an ex-Genius, opening an iMac to replace/upgrade parts is extremely difficult and time consuming. Further, the graphics card is not upgradable, there are no PCIe slots for USB 3.0 (have a CalDigit in my Mac Pro), eSATA, etc. The RAM is about the only user upgradable aspect. My father has a current gen iMac and the 4 USB slots are already filled, requiring a USB hub with DC power plug. Thunderbolt is too expensive at the moment, the price of adding additional Thunderbolt drives, etc. you may as well get a Mac Pro with x4 SATA bays 2 extra SATA connections for optical and SSD connectivity, four PCIe slots, easy access to RAM and pretty much anything. :)
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    New York
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    Noooo, I want it sooner. Oh well it's nice to see the wheels of the rumour mill to begin turning.
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    Essex, england
    How on earth did that one news post go from iMac release dates to MacBook pro expectations?
  22. digibdallas macrumors newbie


    Jan 4, 2010
    Newport Beach, CA USA
    "i" lineup... who cares I'm a professional

    Give me my Mac Pro update. I made my career working on Macintosh workstations. These little i devices are fun and very useful, but we won't be able to buy them without the job the Mac workstations we use to make a paychecks!
  23. dashiel macrumors 6502a

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    1 screen size 27", SSD drive, no optical. Existing 21.5" model to sell alongside “the new iMac” for $999. Thunderbolt accessories for edge cases like optical drive, larger disk based storage, PCI chassis, etc…
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    In that one place
    No, iMac is supposedly a desktop by Apple standards and should be treated as such. If anything it needs MORE ports, it and the Mini should at least have gotten Expresscard slots years ago.
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