Samsung Demands Another Retrial, Says 'No Reasonable Jury' Could Have Sided With Apple

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    Last month, a jury ruled that Samsung must pay Apple $539 million for violating Apple design patents as part of a legal battle that has spanned years, but the jury's ruling apparently won't be the end of the dispute between the two companies.

    Samsung last week filed an appeal (via CNET) asking the U.S. District Court in San Jose to either reduce the judgment against it to $28 million or hold a new trial. Samsung filed the motion on the grounds that "no reasonable jury could have found that any of Apple's asserted design patents was applied to Samsung's entire accused smartphones."


    The jury's ruling, says Samsung, is "excessive" and the evidence "supports a verdict of no more than $28.085 million," which was the amount Samsung advocated for during the trial.

    The latest Samsung v. Apple trial was held to redetermine the amount of damages Apple had to pay after Samsung appealed to the Supreme Court and said that the original damages award, set at $399 million after several appeals, was a disproportionate sum for the design violation.

    During the trial, the jury was tasked with deciding whether the damages should be based on the total value of the iPhone or if Samsung's penalty should be based on just the elements of the iPhone that it copied.


    Apple argued for $1 billion in damages based on the total design of the iPhone, while Samsung argued that it should pay a far lesser amount, the aforementioned $28 million. The jury split the difference and awarded Apple $539 million, which happened to be a far larger penalty than the original $399 million damages ruling from 2015.

    When the jury's ruling was announced in May, Samsung promised to appeal in a statement: "Today's decision flies in the face of a unanimous Supreme Court ruling in favor of Samsung on the scope of design patent damages. We will consider all options to obtain an outcome that does not hinder creativity."

    Samsung also filed a separate motion at the same time asking the court to order Apple to reimburse it for a $145 million payment that Samsung submitted for a now-invalidated multi-touch patent.

    Apple has 10 days to respond to Samsung's new filing, with a hearing scheduled for July 26.

    Article Link: Samsung Demands Another Retrial, Says 'No Reasonable Jury' Could Have Sided With Apple
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    Looking for a place of freedom and rationality
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    And yet they did side with Apple. Just pay the amount already and move on.
  6. cashxx macrumors member

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    The judge should reverse it and make them pay the whole original amount!
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    Yeah, Samsung should've been given the opportunity to present a reasonable case. You know, like a trial or something…
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    Can't blame Samsung, $500MM is a lot of money for anyone. It makes every sense to try and reduce the fine.
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    Funny how companies with lots of money can just keep rejecting verdicts until they get one they like. Small companies/individuals don't have that luxury.

    Does this just go on forever, if Samsung gets what they want in the next round, does Apple then go crying for a new trial as well?
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    Apple should give Samsung a choice. Pay up, or Apple stops buying components from them as soon as they find other sources. This wouldn't be too hard.
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    Just pay them, Samsung. It’s not like you won’t get the money back in some way.
  12. fairuz, Jun 11, 2018
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    This. Screw Samsung. They've been putting it off for so long that the payment hardly matters at this point. Their phones were blatant knockoffs of the iPhone from its start.
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    Unless you're Jeff Bezos.
  14. marcushe macrumors newbie

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    So Samsung is appealing a Jury verdict saying they should only pay around ~$28 million, while simultaneously sending a bill to Apple for $145 million. So Samsung is hoping to get ~$110 million from Apple instead of paying $539 million. They just want to keep stealing!
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    This lawsuit was ridiculous from day 1. Apple's demands are ridiculous, Apple's claims are ridiculous, especially since none of the companies involved have lost any money over the activity of the other. Only the lawsuit from Oracle against Google because of Java is even more ridiculous. But well, in a world in which intellectual property are more important than anything, this is not surprising, it doesn't help the competition though.
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    Just pay up you glorified knock-off makers. It’s a fraction of what you’ve earned from your sleazy movies. There isn’t a sing thread of originality in your entire company. Can’t wait for the chinese eat your lunch, at least they are upfront about being copycats.
  17. TonnyM macrumors member

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    Among others proofs we saw documents revealing that Samsung executives ordered designers to copy iPhone interface pixel by pixel. I don’t think Jury had very tough work here.
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    Or even 3 or 4 of them... something like that. Get this sorted out.
  19. scatter macrumors member

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    I wonder what happens when apple loses to patent trolls, do they pay or try to reduce the amount to the lowest possible?
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    No reasonable jury?!? I'm amazed that they were not fined billions of dollars.
  21. Guy Clark, Jun 11, 2018
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  22. Superhappytree, Jun 11, 2018
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    Samsung only wants this to continue so they can uncover more of Apple’s older designs in detail. They want as much info as possible because they don’t know how to think for themselves. The only reason they have the “Edges” on their flagships is because they knew Apple was planning on it with their iPhone 6 at the time, although Apple went with subtle curved edges to the bezel not the screen itself. Samsung took the opportunity to take it further before Apple did. Apple were going to go the edge route too but never did because it would be now seen as copying Samsung. I’m glad they didn’t though because those edges are awful. They may look “sexy” and aesthetically pleasing but have ergonomic drawbacks like unintended touches, screen glare, distorted content and annoying reflections.
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    My grandkid's grandkids are going to be seeing this in the news....this will never stop.
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    Isn't this the first court to award Apple money from Samsung? I thought I read Apple couldnt and didn't win in any other court except this one in their own backyard.
  25. JPack macrumors 68040


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    Just look at what Apple did to try to avoid the $15 billion EU fine. Even the U.S. government tried to intervene.

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