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Apr 12, 2001

Samsung this morning shared three new ads in its "Ingenius" series that's designed to make fun of the Apple Genius Bar while highlighting features that Samsung believes will lure people to its Galaxy S9 devices instead of one of Apple's iPhones.

The first ad makes fun of the notch on the iPhone X, with a customer who comes into the "Ingenius" bar asking the employee about the notch on the device, pointing out that it covers a portion of the display when watching a movie.

"It does still cover up some of the movie," says customer. "It takes time to get used to it," the employee responds before the ad cuts away to a family with notch-style haircuts.

While the Samsung Galaxy S9 has no notch, it does have top and bottom bezels, with the top bezel housing the camera, microphone, and ambient light sensor. Samsung has preferred to keep the two bezels rather than using the notch design that many Android smartphones have adopted from Apple.

In the second ad, "Storage," a customer asks the Ingenius Bar employee where the microSD slot is on the iPhone. "I can't find the microSD slot," she laments. "Yeah, that's because it doesn't have one," the employee replies. "Oh, Galaxy S9 has one," she responds before explaining that she doesn't want to store her content in the cloud.

In the third and final ad, a customer asks how to run two apps at once on the iPhone's display, something that's not possible. "I wanna know how to do the split screen because my sister was doing it on her Galaxy S9," she explains as the tech tells her that's not possible.

Multitasking on iOS devices is limited to the iPad, and while customers have asked for it to be ported to the larger screened phones, this is not something that Apple has implemented at the current time.

Samsung started sharing its new Ingenius ad campaign last week, in a video touting the Galaxy S9's faster LTE download speeds.

Samsung followed that initial ad with additional spots mocking the iPhone's lack of a headphone jack, the fact that it doesn't ship with the equipment necessary for fast charging, and that the iPhone received a lower DxOMark score than the Galaxy S9 for its camera capabilities.

Article Link: Samsung Shares Three New Ads Making Fun of the iPhone X's Notch, Lack of SD Card Slot and No Split Screen Multitasking

Relentless Power

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Jul 12, 2016
It’s interesting to see the differences between Samsungs marketing and Apples. Samsung has become aggressive towards iOS as of late, and I think they’re focusing More on Apple it seems Over their own Galaxy line. But in the end, the user makes the decision of which platform they want between android or iOS, and iOS has a clear foothold for obvious reasons with stability, five years of support and security encryption. Those are elements the consumer wants in a smart phone and values the most.
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Feb 23, 2017
Does Samsung make any earbuds as good as the AirPods? Does Samsung offer 256GB (soon to be 512GB) of fast internal storage? SD card speeds are much lower. Does Samsung manufacture great notebooks and tablets that perfectly compliment one another?

Samsung should focus on letting their products speak for themselves. Constantly comparing themselves to Apple is a sign of insecurity and weakness.


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Jan 4, 2010
Detroit Suburbs
I think the adds are pretty poorly done, and they seem desperate . Many people do not respond to negative advertising. I’m one of them. It’s like politics. If all you can do is tell me how bad your opponent is, instead of telling me about yourself, I just tune out. Oh, and I really dont care to split screen on my phone. It’s pretty easy to switch rapidly between apps, and they fill my screen. No thanks to half-screen apps. But to each their own.


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Feb 19, 2014
Oz town, Jade City. Mars
Some things never change!
I don't understand their obsession with Apple.
That is because Apple sells to iCrowd something at a price range which is to normal humans unjustifiable, yet Apple gets away with it. This is Beyond the understanding of Samsung which is trying to compete on a price vs performance rational grounds. While Apple wins its users heart not always on technical merit but by being a part of the exclusive Apple club. Make no mistakes Samsung too wants to be in that space where it sells less and makes more. I mean Samsung does every thing in its capacity from Building Ships to making semiconductors , hotel and Heavy electrical/mechanical equipment yet very soon Apple will be the worlds first Trillion dollar company. Half the GDP of India. This is why Samsung is obsessed with Apple like Revenues, it burns their hearts how Apple gets away with it when they manufacture every single semiconductor on the iPhone.
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Sep 17, 2012
iPhone has multitasking . . . just not the unbearably cumbersome split screen like Samsung. One measly little left or right swipe switches between most recent apps smoothly in iOS 12.

One of Samsung's ads/videos demonstrates split screen usage to paste link of a video in a text message. Waste of time.


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Jun 27, 2007
Central U.S.
Samsung needs to stop spending money advertising against Apple and start advertising against cheaper Android phones. That's where their competition is eating them for lunch.

I use multitasking all the time on my iPad and wanted it before they announced it, but I've never thought of a single instance in which it would be useful on my iPhone outside of PIP. If they implement PIP for iPhone in iOS 13 then I would be happy. With taller devices such as the iPhone X or X Plus I could see them doing a split screen in landscape—but that is tricky to manage well on a phone. Having two pages open in Safari would be kinda neat but again I really can't think of a time where I wished I could do this on a phone.
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