Samsung Smart TVs Adding Support for iTunes Video Content and AirPlay 2

Discussion in ' News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jan 6, 2019.

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    I'd disagree. I think Apple likely measures success in those categories very differently than Roke, Amazon and Google.

    I'm sure many people buy Apple devices because of the services. Apple Music and iTunes were the largest competitive advantages for both the AppleTV and HomePod. Or else you'd get a cheaper device with more functionality. And Apple Musc and iTunes were available on other desktop or mobile platforms, not speakers or TVs...
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    Good point.
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    Yes, but I wasn't talking about being to access iTunes movie purchases. I was talking about using the actual Apple iTunes UI.
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    your oLED tv will be obsolete in max 2 years, cause LG stops supporting the OS it runs and no one develops apps for that, just saying. having the "smart" part (which goes obsolete very fast) integrated with the display (which usually lasts 5+ years) you are forced to buy a new tv-set just to get some gimmicky sw features and support for new apps. tv vendors are pretty lame at "legacy" (read 1+ year old) product support and updates.
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    Only as a HomeKIt hub
  6. Lankyman, Jan 8, 2019
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    I think this is just one small piece of a much larger jigsaw puzzle which will see Apple extending their services to rivals. I note Samsung has issued a profits warning today similar to Apple's statement last week.

    Apple realise the smartphone bonanza is coming to an end and badly needs to diversify. Tech frippery such as the iWatch isn't going to save them. They are now belatedly turning their attention to their computer division once more, although they have had a few missteps there too.

    They see subscription TV as a cash generator though they are pretty late to what is now becoming a very crowded party. It may do Apple some good to have to start innovating again which in turn could be good for the consumer.
  7. allan macrumors member

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    I've been purchasing TV shows and movies from iTunes for the better part of 10 years now. It's not a huge amount, only about 4TB in total.

    A few weeks ago my credit card was compromised and I had to wait to get a new one. During this waiting period, I was not able to stream directly from Apple's servers any of my past iTunes purchases on my Apple TV. The content was still there--the content owners did not pull them from Apple's servers--I just couldn't play any of them because I kept getting that dreaded "Previously purchased items not available due to billing issue" message.

    However, I was able to stream from my Mac to my Apple TV all the iTunes movies and TV shows that I had wisely downloaded over the last decade or so. This was the only way I was able to view any of my iTunes content on my TV.

    So if one day Apple stops making standalone Apple TV devices (and stops supporting them), am I out of luck viewing even downloaded iTunes content on my TV unless I upgrade my entire TV set?
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    Well, you can always connect the computer directly to the TV via HDMI cable (maybe needing a TB3 or USB-C adapter to get HDMI).
  9. ke-iron macrumors 65816

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    For the tv app and gorgeous screen savers too. I love the tv app
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    Ah yes, Samsung, the inventor of inserting commercials in to your privately owned Plex content. Of course, you had to opt in, but the user agreement was something like, “Do you agree to let us show you ads in your content? Yes. No. (Regardless of selecting yes or no, you agree to let us put ads in your content).”

    And the one where the built in camera and mike were recording private conversations.

    So, me and my not Samsung TV still need ATV. Also, until the actual interface and any limits show up (4K? Atmos?), I think selling off Apple hardware is premature.
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    How is this any different from using Apple Music on Android, or iTunes on windows?

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