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Mar 23, 2019
Hi there. Yesterday I finally got around to updating to 14.7 (full release of course, not beta). Immediately after doing so, when my phone rebooted, I get repeated "SIM Failure" popups and have no cell service. The good news, I suppose, is that I realized that after that 10-15 minutes or so, my phone suddenly latches onto the cell network on its own. If I reboot my phone, the same thing happens again (i.e. SIM failure, and then after a while it resolves itself).

Note that I have an iPhone 11 Pro, AT&T, use an eSIM, and I've never installed iOS betas before.

Searching here and via Google, I am unable to find anyone still reporting this issue. Everything seems to be related to 14.7 beta 2 where others had this issue. This started happening to me after I updated, and I've never seen "SIM Failure" prior to updating.

While it's great that the issue seems to resolve itself after a while, it's still baffling and disconcerting, and isn't great to not have service for a while after a reboot. I'm also worried that subsequent reboots might just lead to permanent "SIM Failure" that doesn't suddenly fix itself.


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Oct 29, 2017
I upgraded yesterday every time I switch iPhone off when I switch it on I get black background and flashing white Apple logo and it doesn’t bring me to Home Screen until maybe 5 mins time. Alternatively I have to keep hard resetting it and wait for it to get me to my unlock screen - how do I resolve this bug

wish I never upgraded to iOS 14.7
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