iPad Pro Smart keyboard loses connection ALL THE TIME!!!!

Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by ralphgmr, Mar 27, 2018.

  1. ralphgmr, Mar 27, 2018
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    I just bought the Smart Keyboard 3 days ago for my girlfriend. In 2 days of use, it dropped connection twice yesterday, and only this morning lost connection 3 times. It simply stops working and the only way of fixing it and connecting again is a full restart of the iPad. I did a quick search about it and there are tons of people reporting this same type of problems. For an accessory that it has such a high price tag this is unacceptable.

    Did replacing it solve anyone's problem or disconnection keeps happening?
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    No problem with mine being used with a 10.5" iPad Pro. Return the keyboard and buy the Logitech instead. The Logitech has backlighted keys and is less expensive than the Apple model. It also has a holder for the Pencil.
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    Does this only happen when you go to a coffee shop or other place where you have to log in to the WiFi? This is exactly what happens to mine. The ‘fix’ is to hit the Cmd & Tab keys to bring up the app switcher. Whenever I do that, then the keyboard reconnects. Not sure why that does it, but it does. If you’re having issues at other locations as well, and it’s not just limited to areas where you have to get past a login screen to access WiFi, then I’m not sure what’s causing the issue,
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    I have an iPad Pro 12.9” and the Smart Keyboard. The disconnection problem have kept occurring even after Apple gave me a new replacement. The problem happens unpredictably but it seems to have occured more often after
    - connecting the iPad Pro with a public wifi
    - connecting the iPad Pro with the Camera Kit

    The first is an iOS bug, which is addressed in the latest version. I haven’t checked if it is completely fixed.
    The second case, which I just now encountered, is probably another bug.

    The keyboard hardware is not the problem. People using Logitec keyboard for iPad still have the same problem.

    My advice is to return your Smart Keyboard and try to find a bluetooth keyboard for iPad if it’s available.
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