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ipad 10.5

  1. B

    iPad Pro iPad 10.5 Pro mic is not loud enough

    Hey! I have a strange problem with my iPad Pro 10.5 2017. Its microphone records my voice not loud enough (it’s not absolutely terrible but speaking with someone I should speak louder than usually), it occurs in Recordings app and also with calls. But when I tried recording with my iPad in the...
  2. G

    iPad Pro iPad Pro Cases

    I am looking for a case similar to the Otterbox Defender to put on an iPad Pro (10.5-inch) 1st or 2nd generation. I am not looking for a "smart" cover or any case/keyboard combo and no folio either. Just a straight up case that will protect the iPad Pro. Any suggestions?
  3. Danae02

    iPad Pro Trade in value for IPad Pro 10.5 with white spot?

    I have a 10.5 iPad pro with the dreaded white spot issue. I didn’t notice it in time- frankly I was oblivious it was even an issue. Has anyone tried to trade in an iPad like this? I am thinking about upgrading, but if I don’t get a decent trade in value I’ll just hold on to it a while longer.

    Is apple smart keyboard 10.5 work with ipad pro 9.7

    It really hard to find smart keyboard for my ipad pro 9.7 then I want to know that can I use 10.5 version instead?
  5. P

    The 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 vs 2019 iPad Air Poll

    Let us take this poll to see which one is better after considering all the discussions including the advantages and disadvantages. This will help especially those who are yet buying between the two.
  6. Coolpher

    iPad Pro Just upgraded from iPad Pro 12.9 2nd Gen to 11” and I’m not turning back

    I have on the boat the 1st Gen and the 2nd Gen iPad Pro 12.9 inch and when it came time to upgrade to the 3rd Gen I originally planned to buy it but because the availability through T-Mobile it was out of stock I am back ordered 2 1/2 months so I decided to go with the 11 inch model thinking I...
  7. jimmy_uk

    Apple UK store certified refurbished no items?

    Yesterday the UK Apple store was full of certified refurbished ipads and iPhones but today there is nothing? I was looking at the 10.5 pro. Do they have a down time to restock inventory or has everything sold overnight?
  8. WhiskaBiscuit

    Touch screen responsiveness is poor

    I have an iPad Pro 10.5 (A1701) and it's driving me up the wall. The touch screen is not responding how it should anymore. I notice this mostly in Safari, because that is the main app I use but I think it is happening everywhere. If I’m using the screen to touch-type, the on screen keyboard...
  9. MwRdK

    Other Upgrade my iPhone 7+ or iPad Mini 4?

    Ok this is probably asked before but here's my scenario so far: Would've moved up to iPhone XR if not for its roll back in performance from iPhone 7+; iPhone XS price is...well...shocking (not that I'm surprised but you know what I mean); Still happy overall with iPhone 7+, actually, with...
  10. E

    iPad Pro How to get usb 3.0 speeds on iPad Pro 10.5?

    Hello. I know that my ipad 10.5 supports usb 3.0, but i dont know how to get usb 3.0 speeds, if the standard lightning cable based on usb 2.0. What should I buy? Please help. I have win10 PC with 3.0 usb ports (no type C)
  11. kipwheeler

    Question about using Documents to annotate with stamps

    Greetings! I've been using the "Documents" app to mark up PDF files on my 10.5 inch iPad Pro. One of the options is to insert a pre-made stamp. When you select it, a menu pops up with "Standard" preset ones on the left and "Custom" on the right. The "Custom" ones you create you can select and...
  12. Dantalion

    iPad Pro Seems like uneven brightness issue on IPP10.5 is inevitable

    I recently bought an IPP 10.5 for notes taking but after using it for several days I noticed that the color temperature shifted from top to bottom.Got it changed for THREE times,manufactured dates varied from September 2017 to March 2018,locality of shipment from Beijing to Xiamen and problem...
  13. Alexrat1996

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5 battery health / run time and other issue

    my iPad Pro 10.5 battery health at 95% this is a express replacement iPad I got two weeks ago when I got it it was at 98% battery health why is it so low ? Does this mean I will need to get another iPad replacement before the year needs and this is replacement 1 Why is battery usage 7-8...
  14. Alexrat1996

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5 case

    I own the speck case for my iPad Pro 10.5 (iPad was in the case )I dropped it from my bed on my rugged carpet will it be ok I mean the iPad ? How well does the speck case for iPad pro protect ?
  15. R

    iPad Pro Smart keyboard loses connection ALL THE TIME!!!!

    I just bought the Smart Keyboard 3 days ago for my girlfriend. In 2 days of use, it dropped connection twice yesterday, and only this morning lost connection 3 times. It simply stops working and the only way of fixing it and connecting again is a full restart of the iPad. I did a quick search...
  16. wyntormoon

    Storage Question

    Hi all. So I had just recently bought the iPad Pro 10.5 inch, 512gb. Was just wondering a guesstimate on how many books I could put on. I saw a post a while ago about a 32gb iPod with maybe 600-1000 books. I have close to 467gb left. Almost all my music, but a lot in the cloud. I'm going to be...
  17. L

    Fast charging 10.5 iPad

    hi all I have a 29w MacBook charger and a third party usb c to lightening cable. I’ve only used it a while and haven’t noticed a dramatic difference in charge time. All I wanted to know is, could the fact I’m not using an official Apple branded cable be the reason it isn’t charging faster...
  18. ceilidhnora

    Charging Port Broken on iPad Pro

    So, I screwed up a little here. A few weeks ago, I dropped my iPad Pro (about 6 months old) and the charger bit broke off in the port. Since that is not covered by Apple, I brought it to a third party repair shop to repair it. They ended up opening the iPad and putting a new port in, however...
  19. D

    iPad Pro What USB-C PD Power Banks can fast charge the iPad Pro 10.5"?

    The only one that I know of that can give the iPad Pro the fastest charge is this RAVPower one. I have a USB-C PD wall charger and iMuto's PD Power Bank and both of them actually caused my iPad to LOSE charge, at around -1400mAH.
  20. liushi

    iPad Pro iPad Pro 10.5 screen uniformity issue

    I just bought this iPad Pro from Apple Store. I noticed the area towards the bottom edge, which is near the home button, is a little darker than the upper area. There’s also some yellowish tint. Can I ask if yours also have such problem? I’ve seen older links talking about this issue on...