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Some Defective Apple iPhone 12 Cases Shipping Without Speaker Holes


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Apr 12, 2001

At least two customers who have purchased iPhone 12 cases have received defective cases that do not have speaker holes, which obscures the sound.

There have been two separate threads on Reddit from iPhone 12 customers who purchased a case and received one without speaker holes.

One customer was told by an Apple advisor that the case wasn't meant to have speaker holes, which is, of course, incorrect. One of the original posters uploaded a video showing the defective case from more angles.

There have been limited reports about cases with no speaker holes, but anyone who receives one should be able to get a replacement case from Apple by contacting Apple's support staff or visiting a retail store location.

The majority of the cases that are being sent out to customers do indeed have speaker holes by design, with the non-speaker hole cases representing a clear manufacturing defect.

Article Link: Some Defective Apple iPhone 12 Cases Shipping Without Speaker Holes
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Aug 24, 2020
Yesterday I received my iPA4 case. Looking forward to seeing how it stays on. Any suggestions?


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Oct 8, 2016
As I have said before: Apple cases and cables are of poor quality, specially compared to third-party manufacturers that are half the price.

The most expensive cases I have owned I purchased from Apple and they have been the least durable.

And cables... well, they tend to self-destroy in around a year. I still have third-party lighting cables from other manufacturers, I leave them in the car (heat/cold), travel with them, and still look perfect after years.

i agree.

Original Apple Watch leather band literally fell apart. I blame the Miami humidity
Original iPhone Case: blue color chipped off on the sides
Original iPhone Leather Case: volume buttons are messed up

meanwhile all my 2 bucks AliExpress 3rd Party original „fakes“ are still going strong.

Right there, the leather cases are the least durable in their catalogue.
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Jul 12, 2016
As minors as that seems, that’s a really embarrassing slip from the manufacture producing these for Apple. I personally wouldn’t be happy given what these cost, and you essentially have a case restricting the functionality.

And even more embarrassing that an Apple advisor told a customer that there is not meant to be speaker holes.
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