Some photos I duplicated are gone

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    I guess you're all aware of the "duplicate" button inside the Photos app on iOS.
    So recently, I've duplicated a few photos that I really liked to edit those duplicates inside the Photos app (I like to keep several versions of the same photo to be able to compare).
    However, when I imported all my new photos onto my Macs Photo app, those duplicated and edited images, much to my confusion, didn't show up on my Mac but were still accessible on my iPhone, so that I could have sent them to my Mac via AirDrop. But I didn't want to at that point and decided, to do this later.

    Now the bummer: I browsed my images on my iPhone today and the photos that didn't show up on my Mac back then are now gone on my iPhone as well. I've never experienced this before and I'm quite shocked.
    I still have the unedited version of said photos, but I'll have to edit them again and I put quite some effort into editing them. They're not in the recently deleted folder as well.

    Pretty sure that they're gone for good, however I'd like to know if anyone ever experienced something similar and if there's something I can do to avoid this. I thought as soon as I duplicate a photo inside iOS Photos app, an actual copy of the file is stored on the iPhone, but to me it looks like there's just a reference to the picture being stored, which, for whatever reason, was deleted.
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    Do you install any greenify/cleaner app? sometimes, they remove duplicated photos.

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