Some wireless headphone advice for those considering an iPhone 7

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    Hi all I've decided to create this post to hopefully impart some wisdom/experience onto you guys.

    A while back I broke the headphone jack on my iPhone 6 and was forced to go wireless as I didn't have a headphone jack BEFORE Apple made it cool.

    Since then I have upgraded to a 6S+ and although it does have a headphone jack I don't use it due to the wireless tech that I now have.

    I hope others will follow me and comment below with their experiences of various headphone solutions out there so any new iPhone 7 owner can benefit from our wisdom.

    I'll get this started

    First wireless device I owned was a bluetooth headphone adapter.
    This is a Mocreo Clipper when I got this about 18 Months ago I paid the grand total of £10

    Where do I begin, this is a fantastic little device it charges quick and lasts a few hours per charge, it also doubles up as a bluetooth handsfree kit. Also its LOUD as an owner of an EU volume limited iPhone this thing is night and day, especially if you have large over ear headphones like I use.

    The only real downside to this little device is that handsfree calling can sound a little thin and its noise cancelling can be a touch aggressive if its windy to the point where your voice gets cancelled too.
    However that being said I can manage multiple hour conversations on this thing no problems.

    Connection via bluetooth is rock solid with only the very rare occasional dropout, this thing shows up my much more expensive Sony headphones that I will discuss below.

    I have to confess I am on my 2nd one of these as the Micro USB broke on my first one but one email to the company via amazon and I had a replacement in a couple of days free of charge so can't fault it.

    You may or may not have some difficulty finding these nowadays though as they seem to be disappearing off Amazon at totally the wrong time, but here is a link that I hope will work for you.

    Something to note if you intend to use it on Windows 10 as well, DON'T its a ball ache as it presents as 2 devices and you have to disable the handsfree part for the A2DP part to work

    2nd device


    These are Sony MDR-XB950BT and in my experience a real Jekyll & Hyde.

    These can be used as both wired and wireless which is very useful but also makes them 2 different beasts.

    Via the supplied wire they are AMAZING real good controlled Bass but not sacrificing the rest of the frequency range to focus solely on bass. The bass is very controlled as evidenced by playing Paradise Lost - Return to the Sun at full volume, on lesser headphones the deep bass and drums can cause the rest of the instruments to sound like they are chuffing, not these it almost sounds as if you are running a separate subwoofer and everything is much clearer and more controlled.

    I'm no audiophile but to me these are probably the best headphones I've owned, they are comfortable and sound brilliant and have an almost Hi-Res 3hz-28Khz frequency response (when used on the wire) Feed them 96Khz/24Bit and they will really sing to you.

    Now we get to using these on bluetooth. First of all due to the limitations of bluetooth the frequency response is restricted to 20hz-20Khz and you do notice.
    When using the inbuilt bluetooth the sound can sound a little thin unless you use the Electro Bass Booster function and when using the Bass booster it really thickens the sound and makes it louder but it can also make the finer details get lost in all the bass thickness, ideal for hip hop/dance but you do loose some of the subtle details on some of the Prog I listen too.

    Bluetooth range is brilliant I can leave the phone in the front room and walk around the house with them on and they have all the controls you need (apart from Siri shamefully) HOWEVER there is a but.
    If I put my phone in my pocket they can end up breaking up like mad. If I'm walking to the shops in my jeans I have no issues at all, but when I am at work walking round with my work tools they break up quite a bit where the above mentioned Mocreo doesn't.

    The bluetooth on these supports A2DP, AptX, and for us iPhone users Bluetooth AAC which is Apples choice when it comes to high quality bluetooth, however compared to the Mocreo the inbuilt amplifier is a tad quiet its louder than EU volume limited iPhone but not as loud as the Mocreo or MacBook but connect via wire and they go as loud as your device can pump out.

    They also double up as a handsfree kit which is very sensitive to the point of being over sensitive, if the Mocreo is very aggressive with noise cancellation these have none so anything other than the lightest breeze they become a nightmare to speak on, but around the house they are good though.

    Battery life on these are amazing, a quoted 20hours per charge and I can believe it too as I use them wired most of the time the wire disables the inbuilt electronics completely but if I pull the wire they fire up and connect quick and they always seem to be fully charged even though I've not charged them in ages.

    These can be had as cheap as approx £99 and are readily available in most retailers.

    The way I use these is connect via wire to the Mocreo as the loudness of the Mocreo drives them well, I only connect using its own bluetooth when I have left the Mocreo in the work van.

    These are my experiences and your mileage may vary but I hope this helps and I hope others who have wireless headphones can contribute their experiences below and we can get a wireless headphones buyers guide going.
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    For those who connect via Aux at home or even in the car then I can recommend this little device.

    It is known by many names but the most common one is SoundMate M1, I got this a couple of weeks ago for the grand total of £13 on eBay.
    It is an Airplay/DLNA receiver which can also be used to boost your wifi signal.

    There are 3 modes you can use this in:

    1: Use its own wifi without connecting it to your own network, in this instance the device creates its own wifi and you can connect to it and it will show up as an Airplay speaker, and the best thing is that when used in this way the iPhone is smart enough to know its only an Airplay device and route all its internet traffic via cellular as it would normally.

    2: Connect this to your own wifi network and it will also act as its own wifi base station to boost your signal but bear in mind its only 2.4Ghz 802.11n and because it has to connect to your wifi and relay that to your device you will notice a drop in throughput, but it is handy to boost signal to a part of the house which doesn't have wifi. In this mode the Airplay icon will appear if you connect to its own network or to your main network, you can also fully configure its own wifi to broadcast the same SSID/Password so your devices can roam.

    3: (The way I use it) connect it to your wifi and change its SSID/Password and then forget its wifi and connect direct to your existing home network, Airplay will work as normal.

    The quality is pretty decent and the 3.5mm port on it is so loud you could use it to drive headphones directly without a separate amp so you could just have it on a bedside table and have headphones connected, or you could connect it to small speakers or a full home cinema system and anything in between.
    Also as this is DLNA as well as Airplay this will work with Windows & Android devices too.

    I like this device so much that I am going to buy one for my bedroom too as the one I have is in my garage powering the speakers i use in the garden.

    Prices vary on this thing and they go by different names but I found it for £13 delivered in the UK on eBay and they are readily available on Amazon too.
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    My list of Airplay/Bluetooth devices.
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    Well I purchased another one of those SoundMates brilliant little devices, but play around with the various firmwares.

    Mine came with and it worked but had occasional breakup, I upgraded to and that was the same, so I downgraded to and in my experience its been great.

    If anyone needs the firmware I'll try and stick a link up if needed.

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