The Music Library is Gone in watch OS 4 [MERGED]


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Nov 5, 2017
Does anyone know if Apple ever had any advertisements/information sheets that said that you could browse the music on your iPhone from your Apple Watch? I'm wondering if anyone is looking into class-action lawsuits for the elimination of this feature.
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Jan 4, 2008
This new UI change is definitely unwelcome. I have the original Apple watch, and I never synced playlists directly to my watch, since its cumbersome, and I always have my iPhone with me.

I much preferred to use the Apple Watch as a remote to select and play music through my Airpods withouts having to take my iPhone out of my pocket. I can no longer view my entire library on my iPhone.

This honestly sucked a lot during my flights this past weekend when I was hoping to have a fluid experience with my iPhone in my pocket, my watch on my wrist, and my airpods on.