The Ultimate iPad and iOS Wishlist Thread - 50 Fixes The iPad Still Needs

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Do you agree with most of the fixes listed in the OP?

  1. Yes (Apple should hire a large staff and implement many of these suggestions)

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  2. No (The current iPad is just about perfect, and doesn't need these improvements)

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  1. wikoogle, Jan 18, 2011
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    Jun 12, 2009
    The below list is worth having Apple's engineers take a look at. It's a comprehensive list of every single thing people want to see in the iPad 2 & 3, and is easily the most comprehensive such list here.

    Here are all of the reasonable hardware wishes people have...

    For a start, here is a mockup I made of an iPad 2 that has the exact same external dimensions as the iPad 1 but with a 11" 1920 x 1440 retina display screen, smaller bezel, front facing camera, and no home button.
    Vs. Here is a picture of the current iPad (same external dimensions as above) with the current thick bezel, the current 9.7" screen and home button....
    Which do you prefer?

    11" 2048 x 1536 or a 1920x1440 Retina Display screen (pictured above) (if viable, Super AMOLED with full RGB subpixels) The iPad 2 should remain the exact same size as the original iPad. But that doesn't mean the screen has to stay the same. The bezel on the iPad is MASSIVE. If Apple cuts down on the amount of room the bezel takes, the screen could be made 11 inches without making the iPad any bigger. At the very least, shave .3" off the bezel to give the next iPad a 10" screen.

    A resolution of 1920x1440 would allow the iPad to display three iPhone 4 apps simultanously, side by side, in their native resolution, and it would allow the playback of 1080p resolution video at it's native resolution without any of the pixelation or artifacts that occur when you stretch a video to resolution other than it's native resolution. Displaying three iPhone 4 apps in their native resolution side by side would allow for multitasking in a whole new way. You could simultanously skype someone, while checking your email and browsing the web. A resolution of 1280x960 would allow the iPad to display 2 iPhone 4 apps simultanously, side by side, in their native resolution, and it would allow the playback of 720p resolution video (iTune's defact resolution for HD content) at it's native resolution without any of the pixelation or artifacts that occur when you stretch a video to resolution other than it's native resolution. 1024x768 times 1.25 = 1280x960. Apple could easily take advantage of the dual core gpu rumored to be in the next iPad to perfectly scale all iPad 1 apps by 1.25. Apple could also release a tool that allows app developers to very rapidly up-convert all of their apps to 1.25 their original resolution with minimal effort.

    Before someone mentions pixel doubling. Pixel doubling doesn't work. The iPhone 4 had exactly double the resolution of the iPhone 3G/3GS. Yet, this didn't cause them to look as nice as they do on an iPhone 3G/3GS. Even with pixel doubling, iPhone 3G/3GS apps look horrible on the iPhone 4, far worse than they ever looked on the iPhone 3G. Pixel doubling doesn't have the advertized effect, the old apps still look horrible, so it's pointless. A 1920x1440 resolution screen scales old apps the same way pixel doubling does, they would look no worse. In fact, with some post processing/anti-aliasing using the GPU, a 1920x1440 resolution display could look far better.

    I'm glossing over Super AMOLED because Super AMOLED isn't that important, the retina display is a far more important upgrade, however, Super AMOLED screens are thinner, lighter, generally use less battery life, and they usually produce richer more vibrant colors and deeper blacks. Most of their cons are a result of the pentile display current AMOLED screens use, the switch to full RGB subpixels fixes those issues.

    Front Facing Camera (pictured above)

    Remove the home button entirely (pictured above) and switch to a three/four finger pinch in gesture to exit apps. No home button = smaller bezel and smaller case with the same size screen = lighter and more portable = win. The home button looks ugly and tacky on the iPad, and makes it look like a giant stretched out iPhone rather than a tablet. Look at the Motorola Xoom. It has no home button. Almost all of the tablets for Andriod Honeycomb (the OS they've built centered around Andriod tablets) will not have a home button. iPad users aren't any stupider than Andriod users, if Andriod users can get along just fine without any physical buttons on their tablets, then so can iPad users.

    Dual Core Cortex A9 CPU + Dual Core SGX543 GPU (rebranded the A5) for the iPad 2 followed up with a Cortex-A15 MPCore CPU and Tegra 3 (or similar) SOC with a Multicore GPU (rebranded the A6) powering the iPad 3 - Multicore processors use far less power than single core processors.

    128GB and the option to use iPad as a mass storage device in a pinch. The iPad 2 is meant to take on tablets and netbooks. It should be a stand alone device, you shouldn't have to sync via iTunes to a "real computer" everytime you want to simply add a photo or video to it. You should be able to download email attachments, pictures, documents, ringtones and videos to it off the internet. You should be able to easily drag and drop videos and photos into the iPad from an SD card, PC, USB key or external hard drive.

    LPDDR2 RAM - Much faster than the LPDDR1 ram currently being used. The PSP2 will be using LPDDR2 ram despite carrying a price tag of approximately half the price of the iPad. So why can't the iPad 2 use this ram, preferably 1GB of it, or atleast 512MB of it.

    SD Card Slot and if possible USB Slot - Allow direct access to view photos or play videos from SD card/USB key without importing onto iPad. And also allow videos to be imported from SD card into the Videos app. Allow access to other file types on SD card using "Open With"-type functionality.

    Anti-Glare Matte Gorilla Glass (This video demonstrates why...


    Improved GPS

    Liquidmetal (New tech purchased by Apple that would allow for lighter, thinner, stronger, cheaper material),

    HD/FM Radio Tuner/Receiver and Transmitter akin to those found in iPod nanos - "I'd like to see a FM receiver because when I am at the gym, they transmit the audio for the TVs over FM (Lots of public places do this, not just Gyms, but restaurants, stores etc). I'd also like to see a FM transmitter so when I'm in my car or someone else's car I can just use the radio to play iTunes. (This would also work if you have a radio at home hooked up to your home theater)" -BigQid

    Rear Camera with Xenon flash, a large camera lens, a CCD sensor to improve low light performance, the ability to take 1080p video and 8MP photos, and a dedicated camera button - This will let users take photos quickly, and would also allow them to take self portraits with far more ease. It currently takes way too long to snap a quick picture on the iPhone.

    4G/LTE Support

    IR remote functionality to integrate it with other devices, such as Apple TV and Google TV, play games on your TV and use you iPad as a controller, to use it as a universal remote control to control various sdevices around your house, and to use it as a trackpad mouse or a 10/Gui Keyboard device and such.

    Improved speakers with the ability to emulate 3D surround sound as well as a higher volume and vibrate (the current max volume and max vibrate are way too low)

    Bluetooth 4.0 with file sharing and Lightpeak or USB 3.0 for faster syncing/charging,

    Inductive Charging and if viable, (the following are all probably unrealistic) a touch sensitive back for gesture and gaming functions akin to the PSP2, or a glass-free 3D screen akin to the Nintendo 3DS (that uses a proximity sensor to know when to auto-switch to 2D) or a Solar panel to extend battery life,

    RFID aka. Near Field Communication to let us use it as a credit card, pay toll machines, to let employers use it as an id badge etc. RFID is a really cool tech. If nothing else, you can tag your iPad to yourself and thus even if it gets stolen, it would be easy to track down and prove that the iPad belongs to you. And I'm sure app developers, given the api, could think of much cooler ways to use it as well.

    Nvidia's Tegra SOC + Mini HDMI port or Display Port with an SGX543 serving as an intermediary GPU in the iPad 2 until the Tegra 3/4 SOC that come paired with the Cortex A-15 CPU is released. Combined with either an official Apple Controller Shell with dual analog sticks or the iControlPad, both the iPad and iPhone would become the one and only handheld gaming devices you would ever need. Imagine being able to play Bungie's next FPS on the iPad with dual analog sticks, and being able to output it wirelessly to your hdtv whenever you're home.

    Below covers ALL of the reasonable software wishes people have...

    A filesystem is my biggest want for the next iOS. Not like on a Mac where you see system files and other stuff, but just a users home folder. A place that all apps can access and load and save files from/to. That way if I have a document it doesn't have to exist inside of each app in order to access it. (1 copy in DropBox, 1 in Pages, 1 in DocsToGo, etc.) Also it means that Apples apps would be able to share files with DropBox or any other file syncing service. Then get rid of the file sharing in iTunes and instead just have the disk show up as an external drive. - Originally posted by Jclardy. And please let us drag and drop videos and photos from any PC directly into the iPad's video/photos folder without having to go through iTunes and syncing everything. It sucks that we can't just simply drag and drop a photo from a friend's computer into the Phone. When plugged in, allow Windows/OSX to recognize and use the iPad as a 32GB/64GB/128GB Mass/USB Storage Device with access to the file system.

    Improved notifications, notifications that don't disappear immediately (like push notifications that you see on the unlock screen), let the notifications show up somewhere and have a dismiss all button or something like that. Example:

    Updated Lock Screen That Displays Number of Texts, Emails & Custom Widgets of our choice

    Dynamic Weather, Temp, Stocks and Clock Icons (or Widgets)

    "I want the ipad to integrate more with the iphone. I've said it all along. There should be a software setting on the iphone that pushes all texts, notifications to the ipad. So I dont have to go back and forth just to reply to text messages. Now blackberry is doing it with the playbook but I figured apple would have done this from the get go with the ipad." - CrAkd

    OTA/Wireless iTunes and Syncing - file-soup solution allowing apps to push and pull files from a cloud-synced file-collection

    Output iPad to HDTVs/Apple TV scaled or downconverted to display at 1080p either OTA/Wirelessly or via a mini-HDMI port or a Dock Connector to VGA adapter

    Higher contrast ratio and much lower minimum brightness - The iPad is way too bright to use in the dark, it gives me headaches. iBooks goes much lower (by making all the colours grey basically) but this should also be possible system-wide, in Safari etc

    Wireless Hotspots without Jailbreaking

    Arrow keys on the keyboard so we can correct mistakes without having to delete everything.

    Improved/More Voice Commands - Siri Assistant/Voice controls across the board: Turn off Bluetooth, Turn off Wifi, Launch Safari, Open a Website, Create Notes and Type/Dictate Emails with our voice (integrated voice to text input across the board).

    Full use of Bluetooth. It sucks that we can't BT a photo or anything else to other devices.

    Let us Add (via Bluetooth, iTunes apps, Dropbox and other Apps), Delete and Rename Music, Videos from our iPads directly.

    Let us download files from Safari(or other apps) and store them on the phone in a centralized location, then be able to access them without Safari on my Mac/PC for easy file sharing/swapping.

    Apple, let us organize the 100+ photos and videos on our iPads into separate folders/albums. Add a file system for organizing and reordering videos, music, photos (into albums), and documents (PDF, DOC, PAGES), and other files for email attachments directly on the phone itself without having to sync it, and giving the files names and describtions. Adding a file system would allow us to attach any filetype to emails we are sending out. They could also improve the controls over podcasts so that we could delete podcasts or rearrange the order of podcasts and make iTunes collect them by topic, or mark podcasts for deletion upon syncing and make notes on podcasts. These features should be combined with and enabled in a Network File Browser.

    More Email Functionality - Simple things like flagging emails for follow up or by category are still missing, auto-categorizing emails based on where they are sent from, and other business class email functionality would be nice. The option to let us download all of the text in our emails off the email client onto the phone permanently would also be a welcome change. Currently, searching through your emails in the iPad is broken and really does not work. If you're looking for a specific email you sent out or received more than a week ago, you have no choice but to use your computer to find it. I still can’t view only unread emails. I still can’t configure a unique email signature for each different email account.

    The option to schedule your emails so that they can be sent/delivered at a specific time in the future would be very useful and very welcome. I would love to be able to write up an email at 1 am and schedule it to be sent out at 9AM the next morning. Likewise, I would love to schedule an email to myself to be sent a week from now reminding myself that I need to contact someone at that specific date.

    The ability to download themes from the app store. Users who are tired of the stale look of iOS and who want to customize the device with a theme that has been tested for functionality will be happy as will theme makers, and Apple makes some money from the sales.

    Additional functionality for iMovie, Aperature and iLife on the iPad - So that you can transport and continue to work on your iLife projects on your iPad while still retaining most if not all of the same functionality that you do on a Mac.

    Improved Calender Functionality - Syncing with Google calendars, Yahoo calendars, Facebook, or whatever you want to sync it with. Ability to see each calendar together and separated, to be able to turn on a countdown on certain events and to have a way to text appointments or some other method of sharing things you intend to do with other people. Also, features such as a week view, showing appt names in the month view, ability to copy appts to other dates, a good todo list (Shows blocks of time on a list of days of your schedule), being able to see, in month view, colored dots representing my different calendars so that users don't have to click on a day to see that I have *something* for work or church or any other specific calendar scheduled that day, a landscape week agenda view, tasks, ability to remind you of tasks, and location abilities that if it senses you are near a task/appt it can remind you.

    Automatically downclock the iPad during menial tasks and preserve battery life

    Ability to use it like a Magic Trackpad or 10/Gui Keyboard device with other apple devices

    Allow us to connect our iPad to a PC/TV to function as an external hard drive to store and move content

    Letting us rename apps, remove app names entirely, and more customizations to how the UI, home screen, lock screen, dock, slider, icons, dynamic wallpapers etc all look

    Multiple Profiles based on gps location (at work vs. home), time, what BT device connected etc.

    A Competitor to BlackBerry Enterprise Server Software Suite and the ability to run two iPhone apps next to each other simultanously on the iPad thanks to it's higher resolution display.

    A Button to kill all multitasking apps at once to instantly free up RAM. It’s ridiculous that there is no way to close an app without saving its state. The iPad is easily the worst when it comes to clutter in the app manager, and the solution would be all too simple. How about a long-tap on the home button to close an app, fellas?

    Let us delete/hide the built in stocks and youtube (and other) apps, so that we can replace youtube app with web app (looks and works a lot better).

    Integrate a way to interact with a printer to print out emails, photos, pdfs and other documents, and integrate a built in business card scanner, bar code scanner . You simply take a photograph of the business card (or bar code) and press add to contact list and it will fill in the contact info. Also, integrate Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) support.

    GPS built in, comparable to Andriod phones at least

    Smarter OS (ex: if you type an email and can't send it because you're not connected to the internet, instead of the message "Cannot send mail," etc. it should say "Will send message in background once internet connection is reestablished,' better file management and connectivity with the cloud, better autocorrect, faster code execution via the new xCode 4 and other similar functions. And most importantly, stop deleting new contacts I added to my phone and the changes I made to my notes on my phone just because I sync them with Gmail. Likewise, Safari should let us set it to open new tabs in the background. The OS should be smart enough to keep the most recent version of the contacts and notes, not automatically delete all new contacts and replace the notes on the phone with the ones in gmail even though the file on the notes was modified and changed more recently. These issue absolutely need to be fixed before wireless iTunes syncing is implemented or it's going to lead to a lot of frustrated iPad users.

    Better Autocorrect + Customizable Dictionary - The iPad has the worst auto-correct system ever devised by man. It doesn’t learn from habits, which means I have to reject the same changes repeatedly, forever. I also can’t add words. And speaking of the address book, I better not have any contacts prefaced with “Mr.” If I do, I need to be prepared to constantly reject an unwanted change every time I type the word “me”.

    Better Youtube - Youtube functions very poorly on the iPadThe quality is horrendous and slow, especially over 3G.

    Support in the native iPad video player for all the codecs that VLC supports

    Additional buttons on the multitasking launch bar and revamped UI to switch between apps that provide a quicker way to shut off bluetooth, wifi, brightness and enable/disable airplane mode. If I want to save some precious battery life and disable wifi when I’m not using it, it takes five taps. Compare that to Android, where disabling wifi takes a single tap on a widget.

    Enable natively the other legitimate functionality that people currently jailbreak /unlock their iOS devices and iPads for...
    Facetime over 3G/4G and letting us make video calls to non-iOS devices
    Custom SMS, MMS, email and other custom alert sounds
    Protect or hide apps (for privacy without having to lock my entire phone)
    Unlimited Safari Tabs (current limit is eight)

    If you like the list. Email it to Steve Jobs, Tim Cook or Mr. Ive...

    I hear Mr. Job's email is
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    May 3, 2009

    Quickly scanning the post, I see a lot of things that would make it less "apple" like. Such as more buttons, Super AMOLED screen (jobs has come out against it) and the having such a large display with a pentile matrix may make it look worse

    The controller and keyboard makes no sense on an ipad as well
  3. BergerFan macrumors 68020


    Mar 6, 2008
    Mos Eisley
    Totally agree about a sandboxed 'Files' app, Bluetooth file transfer, and especially full photo management on the device.
  4. BrennerM macrumors regular

    Jun 17, 2010
    Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
    Interesting list.

    Note: you can already lock into Landscape orientation on an iPad, so that wish should come off the list.
  5. rdowns macrumors Penryn


    Jul 11, 2003
    I think this should be an "official" thread.

    Go outside and play.
  6. Nishi100, Jan 18, 2011
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    Nishi100 macrumors 6502a

    Mar 27, 2010
    - iMovie for iPad, but a desktop alternative. i.e. you can do some work on your mac, then copy it over to your iPad then continue work on it.

    - 3D no glasses display.

    Games in 3D would be cool as well. I'd rather have 3D, than a retina display.

    - Micro USB
  7. GekkePrutser macrumors 6502a


    Aug 18, 2005
    - Much lower minimum brightness! The iPad is way too bright to use in the dark, it gives me headaches. iBooks goes much lower (by making all the colours grey basically) but this should also be possible system-wide, in Safari etc.
  8. Nishi100 macrumors 6502a

    Mar 27, 2010
    Yes. Also, better contrast ratio, higher maximum brightness (for outside) or anti-glare screen (already mentioned in the list).
  9. ShiftyGray macrumors regular

    May 19, 2010
    3D is so pointless.
  10. rdowns macrumors Penryn


    Jul 11, 2003
    I'd like to hook up my old Apple ADB keyboard. LocalTalk connectors would rock.
  11. VTMac macrumors 6502

    Jun 9, 2008
    Nice list. The only one I doubt you'll ever see is the elimination of the home button. The home button is there as a fail safe. You might see it moved or redesigned, but at the end of the day it's smart to have a single mechanical switch and stupid to not have one on a device with a sealed battery.

    In the event you get a kext or kernel level hang, the hardware switch gives you a means to recover. Without a hardware switch, you'd likely be screwed until the thing ran out of battery on a sealed battery device. Perhaps the droid devices have removable batteries .. I'm not familiar with them at that level a of detail.
  12. Nishi100 macrumors 6502a

    Mar 27, 2010
    Your comment is pointless.
    It's cool; in the cinema it looks like you've actually been poked in the eye by a pin or squashed by a large brick; it gives you that rush of adrenaline and you actually feel part of the story. (Obviously, Toy Story 3 was so well made it doesn't need to be in 3D, to make you feel part of the action.)
  13. Carouser macrumors 65816

    Feb 1, 2010
    Does the person who wrote the poll know what 'a false dichotomy' is?

    I'm laughing at the idea that the restriction on Apple implementing these changes is the lack of a large enough workforce.
  14. wikoogle thread starter macrumors 6502a


    Jun 12, 2009
    Thanks. I added that, and the higher contrast ratio to the wishlist. :)
  15. BrennerM macrumors regular

    Jun 17, 2010
    Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
    Some more ideas:

    photos : allow much more flexibility in ordering photos in iTunes and then syncing that order properly to iPad (two-way mirror/sync iTunes and iPad photo ordering)

    Photos app : allow creation of albums, renaming of albums, reordering of photos and albums, description text for photos (with a setting to turn descriptions on/off as desired)

    Camera Connection Kit software : allow direct access to view photos or play videos from SD card without importing onto iPad. Show full name of photo/video. Allow videos to be imported from SD card into the Videos app. Allow access to other file types on SD card using "Open With"-type functionality
  16. MrWillie macrumors 65816


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    Let me guess, it should weight in at under 1.5lbs and cost $400????

    What about battery life ?

    Wouldn't an iPod Nano be better suited for the gym or someone else's car ? (Or how about conversation?)

    How about an iPad 2 that just works?

    How about the software fixes that are needed?
  17. wikoogle, Jan 18, 2011
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    Jun 12, 2009
    Mr. Wille, what software fixes are needed? Let me know what you can think of that I haven't already included in the OP and I will be happy to add them.

    What exactly do you mean an iPad 2 that just works? The current iPad doesn't actually just work. You need to sync it to the PC to add anything at all to you. You can't attach files to emails, can't sort photos etc. In fact, most of the requests in the OP bring the iPad closer to just working/ie. doing whatever you want it to do without having to jump through hoops.

    The switch to dual core CPUs and GPUs improves battery life.

    And I'm fine with the iPad's current pricing structure. They could even increase the price by $100 across the board and if that means they add most of the functionality in the OP, I doubt many people would mind.

    Nishi, I added a passing mention to the request for a 3D screen. I don't think the tech exists for it to be viable on such a high resolution multitouch screen right now, but everyone deserves to have their wishes heard.

    Added, thank you.
  18. Usernames Suck macrumors member

    Aug 14, 2010
    But wouldn't putting an open file system to download stuff from safari open up the ipad to malware? I thought that was one of the reasons for no file system. Never getting malware on your ipad.
  19. Nishi100, Jan 18, 2011
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    Nishi100 macrumors 6502a

    Mar 27, 2010
    Toshiba are making a 3D no-glasses TV, tablet and laptop. If they can do it, why can't Apple? The technology does exist, but currently, only for one person at a time. No glasses 3D.

    Also, I would like iLife for iPad, where you can carry on your projects from, for example, iMovie on the desktop, to iMovie on the iPad. Obviously, the iMovie on the iPad will need to have stuff like: greenscreen (keylight) and advanced features like that - audio cutting / mixing.

    Lastly, the ability to run two iPhone apps at a time. (the retina display will have enough resolution to be able to do this.
  20. wikoogle thread starter macrumors 6502a


    Jun 12, 2009
    Added, thank you. :)
  21. ZilogZ80 macrumors 6502a

    Aug 5, 2010
    I think he's got more important things to worry about at the moment than this nonsense.
  22. RedWings macrumors regular

    Jun 16, 2009
    Put Honeycomb on the iPad.

    There you go. The ultimate tablet.
  23. Nishi100 macrumors 6502a

    Mar 27, 2010
    It's not that far away, for the iPad 1. The iPad 2 will take a few months to create "drivers," and I think 2.2 will come out first, for the iPad 1, then Honeycomb (3.0) for the iPad 1 and 2. (Obviously, they have to wait for Honeycomb and the iPad 2 to be released, before hacking it.)
  24. Tones2 macrumors 65816

    Jan 8, 2009
    Wow - 50 things and no mention of increased CAPACITY. :rolleyes: 64 GB is not enough capacity for a multimedia device. Sometimes I think you guys don't even USE your iPads in real life. :p
  25. Nishi100 macrumors 6502a

    Mar 27, 2010
    It's near the top, about 3rd point down.

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