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Jun 10, 2009
What search engine do you use? I use bing and every now and then I'm forced to go to google for more complex searches. Apple had to pick one search engine as the default. Per Tim's statement, they picked the one that works the best (do you have data that says a different search engine is better?) and put in some hooks to allow better privacy. He told it like it is.

No sir. What he did was he said that he cares about his users privacy and then took money from an entity which has a track record of abusing individual privacy and made that the default to ensure he would have something to rail against.
Everything which is coming out of Tim Crooks mouth is double speak.

He says he cares about privacy but then does the exact opposite.
He says he cares about quality and then creates gadgets with built in faults with subpar parts to ensure they will fail.
He says he's not making gadgets with planned obsolescence, but ensures that they cannot be repaired by anyone but him and they become obsolete when THEY decide.
He says they're trying to make the best product, but then they continue taking out core features which ensure that they have a limited lifespan (no headphone jack, no user serviceable batteries, no user serviceable upgrades or expandablilty, smaller and thinner designs without sufficient temperature controls).

I use whichever search is available to suit my needs as I mostly search images, I use tineye, DuckDuckGo, google and Bing. However, the issue is not what I use to search, it's what TC says and then turns around and does. The only reason Google search is as popular as it is is because it's install base is so large, if they didn't buy all of their user base they would not be able to sell ads and user data and would not in turn have so much money for development of search.

Crook is not only supporting the exploitation of user data and profiting from it, he then turns around and uses it as a platform to lie about how much he's against it to try and sell more units. If you don't see an issue with that, good for you.
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Mar 21, 2011
Timmy is right in one respect. Google is the best, but lacks information as "why" that is.... Google's about selling your data which is why you get all those free services.

While Apple continues to introduce better things while at the same time keeping a lid of privacy, how much time can pass before the lid pops off ? I dunno how much longer Apple can keep introducing better technologies like AI, and at the same time have the "same" level. its gonna weaken somewhere, and i think Tim is aware of that.

It's just a question of "when' but does' t wanna upset users intrim.
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