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Jul 29, 2005
Curious to see if this is an isolated issue or something anyone else has experienced. And hoping it's software since I was lucky to pick up the $3499 configuration at a store yesterday, well ahead of the 4 week estimate with my online order.

For reference, I also picked up a non-touch 13" MBP to compare and I am NOT experiencing this issue on the 13.

Setting up my 15" model yesterday I noticed that certain clicks are not registering at first or are very delayed. I use the "secondary click" setting set to the bottom right of the trackpad.

About 70% of the time when I go to do the right click in the bottom right of the trackpad, no click registers and I get no feedback from the haptic device. I have to press 2-3 times for it to register and then the vibration feels really odd.

Clicks never miss on the left hand side of the track pad (normal click), just the lower right. Once I've pushed harder on it a bit and it begins to register it will work for a short while.

Other issue is that once I've clicked several times on the bottom right to get it working, then any click anywhere on the touchpad/trackpad will register as a right click, even if I move back over to the left hand side.

I have to click around or ALT-TAB through a few windows for it to cut that behavior.

Anyhow, no clue what's going on. Seems more software than anything else but my non-touch 13" model works exactly how it should. Why this one would be different I have no idea...

Any insight would definitely be appreciated.
[doublepost=1479668802][/doublepost]I did just discovered the normal click registering as a right click issue. Since I set this to work when clicking in the bottom right of the trackpad, the size of the trackpad the issue.

Palm rejection as seemed to work a lot better in the past, but due to extra large footprint, part of my hand is touching the bottom right corner sometimes and that's making the trackpad think I'm touching that spot even when I'm clicking on the left hand side.


The main issue though of not registering some clicks on the ride bottom corner is still an issue :(
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Jun 9, 2009
For $3500 I would expect perfect palm rejection. You can get perfect palm rejection in any Apple model sold before 2016 for $999 retail price.
I am not blaming you. I am just saying that it's obvious that the enlarged touchpad is a downgrade and personally I would not accept it in a $3500 laptop. I do not believe Apple can fix it via software. Too many edge cases to detect when it's a little tiny bit of palm or a finger etc. they made the pad too big and it's just worse.
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Sep 9, 2015
I just wanted to say that I am also having trackpad problems, it seems like they are similar to or the same as yours. In particular, some fraction of my two-finger-tap "right clicks" were not registering, and I finally figured out it was because the thumb of my other hand, (still resting at the keyboard) was touching the upper corner of the trackpad. On my macbook air (and the old pro I sometimes used), my thumb in this position was basically nowhere near the much smaller trackpad.

I feel that I am having a large number of other small but frustrating keyboard / trackpad problems, e.g. every once in a while, my cursor seems to jump to some other place in the text I'm writing; I've been thinking this is also due to some accidental trackpad registration, though it's hard to definitively debug.

I would just like to hear if others are having these problems. Specifically, I would obviously love to know if there is something wrong with the computer, or if it's the particular details of my keyboard habits. Seems hard to be sure, since everyone types so differently. I've certainly been surprised that none of the reviews I've read mention any concerns about the trackpad's size.

Btw, I also got the "maxed out 3500 in the store" model. I wonder if that could be relevant.


Jun 28, 2011
What is the point of the bigger trackpad? I don't quite understand. What were they trying to achieve?

If it was for the Apple Pen, then fine. But it wasn't.


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Mar 24, 2011
Yeah, sometimes I have issues too in regards to the trackpad. I blame the size of it as being the culprit.

Huge fan of the larger trackpad and I have tried to make it false with my palm and can not. I am on the 13, not sure if you guys are on the 15 or the 13. Might want to notate that so people know.

Overall the larger trackpad makes my experience better than on the smaller one. I honestly question the need for anymore touchable functions than this trackpad. Love the extra real estate.
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