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Apr 12, 2001

Tapbots, the company behind now-defunct Twitter client Tweetbot, today launched Ivory, an app that is designed to be used with the Mastodon social network.


Available for the iPhone and the iPad, Ivory has been in testing with a limited number of beta testers since late November, but with Twitter officially ending API access for third-party Twitter apps, Tapbots accelerated development and opted to launch an early version of Ivory.

Ivory has a Tweetbot-like layout that will be immediately familiar to Tweetbot users, offering the same general interface with tabs for a home timeline view, mentions, notifications, profile, lists, and more. There's support for multiple accounts, content warnings, muting, and polls, along with bookmarks, trending posts, post statistics, gif access, and options to view local and federated timelines.

Ivory includes different theme and app icons like Tweetbot, and now that it is the sole social network that Tapbots is focusing on, improvements will be able to be implemented at a rapid pace. As of right now, the app is not as full featured as Tweetbot was, but there is a development roadmap available on the Tapbots website.

Profile editing, post editing, improved hashtags, improved notifications, and an improved navigation bar are all on the horizon.

Ivory is free to download, but all features can be unlocked for a $1.99 per month/$14.99 per year subscription fee. [Direct Link]

For those who have transitioned to Mastodon from Twitter, MacRumors has a Mastodon account where all of our stories are shared.

Article Link: Tweetbot Developer Tapbots Launches 'Ivory' App for Mastodon


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Apr 13, 2007
Chicago, IL
Mastodon is great for tech circles. It just hasn't had much uptake in media or political circles. It is a good place to follow various creators.

I'm a big fan of Mastodon's moderation policy. Every community gets to set their own moderation rules.

Ice Cubes is another great Mastodon client. There are some bugs, but it is great for a 1 week old client. The iPad version works decent on Mac.

I may be interested in subscribing to Ivory when the Mac version is released.
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Oct 31, 2022
I got banned from Mastodon for posting my very first post, which makes no sense. There is no free speech there. Good luck, developers.
You can't be banned from Mastodon, you can be banned from a particular instance, if the mods decide you have violated their instance-specific terms of service.

More effective content moderation was one of the primary design goals of Mastodon, designed to cater to users who absolutely don't want to read posts from users with conflicting view points. That's just the history of the protocol.

In your case, maybe your first post was about how great Macs are, but you had signed up on an account from, who knows...
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Jun 10, 2010
I checked out mastodon for a few minutes... All the people I follow on twitter of any significance were represented by a bot on mastodon which copied their tweets over from Twitter lol. I quickly got the heck out of there and back on twitter. seems like a huge joke for now.

Yeah...right now it is a niche seemingly specific to developers and people who begrudge Elon Musk for one reason or another. As a replacement for Twitter it is not even remotely close to something that's viable to the masses, myself included, as a replacement for being a news, sports & political aggregator.


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Jan 10, 2023
Humanity’s exhaustion with this hamster wheel is inevitable. Every social platform that exists today will become MySpace and new apps will take the space to remind users to go get some fresh air and visit from real friends.


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Oct 31, 2016
Belgrade, Serbia
Setting up my own Mastodon instance for me & friends as we speak. It's nice to be able to take control of your social media presence for a change. Hope Mastodon really hits it off, I'm sick and tired of huge corps being in charge of pretty much everything online these days.

Subscribing to Ivory once I'm done, I'm not a big fan of subscriptions in general, but these folks totally deserve it, especially now that they've been cut off by Space Karen without any heads up. Losing a major source of income is never fun.


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Jun 8, 2021
Facebook was only a teeny tiny competitor to MySpace when it started.


I don’t think Elon has to worry.

Mastodon is a hugbox just like Truth Social or Parler. I’m aware of the “oh it’s federated and totally unique!” argument, but in practice it’s just for people to create their own little ideological ghettos where nothing that challenges them is allowed.
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