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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Viantay, May 23, 2017.

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    Any suggestions?

    We just came back from Mexico. We were there for 10 days. I took my Galaxy s8+ that i just switched to from my iphone 6s+ and my wife took her iPhone 7.

    We are on the AT&T unlimited plan that includes unlimited everything in Mexico. Our phones always tried to default first to AT&T mexico towers which in the area we were in had a terrible 2g signal. As long as the 2g signal was an option it wouldn't search for the local Telcel signal that was 4g and a strong signal. I found an option on my GS8+ to turn off 2g so since AT&T didn't have anything but 2g and weak 2g at that my phone switched to Telcel 4g with a good signal. My wife's iPhone was unusable for the entire 10 days since iPhone doesn't have the option to turn off 2g. Any thoughts on how I could have made this any better? We tried to reset settings etc...but it always defaulted to 2g AT&T with one or 2 bars.
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    There's nothing you can do.
    It's a preset and carrier partnership that AT&T has with specific networks.
    And since you cannot turn of 2G edge on an iPhone you're out of luck if you visit Mexico again.
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    Where were you in Mexico? On my last trip to Guatemala, I flew into Mexico City and then to Tapachula (Chiapas), where I spent a day and a half... with the AT&T roaming plan, I had no issues - 4G everywhere I went. Obviously, not of this helps you, but I am curious about what part of Mexico you were visiting.
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    You can call international support and get the manual network selection feature added to your account
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    Good info. We will try that next time. Thanks.

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