iPhone X Verizon told my nephew not to get an X

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by anitak1982, Mar 5, 2018.

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    If you bothered to read, understand and comprehend the thread then you'd see that plenty of people here can, did and were having a rational and adult conversation about it with the exception of a few who toss out insults.. You know, kind of like the off handed ones you keep doing?

    Anyways, rock on I suppose... Quote me to your hearts content as in 3.....2......1 ---> I won't see your posting any longer :)
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    An employee of Verizon stating his option should not be taken as ‘verizon’ preference in iphones.
    Verizon doesn’t care what you buy they make money on everything.
  3. Relentless Power, Mar 21, 2018
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    Not exactly. Actually, Verizon makes more on accessories (Cases, Bluetooth speakers, smart watches, headphones, ect) and installed plans with rates, phones are secondary that are not nearly as profitable, especially when they have considerable trade-in offers, discounts and promotions regularly on phones. Most Verizon stores will heavily persuade the buyer for accessories, they have a high mark up.
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    which is why I buy my cases and glass screen protectors at Amazon or Ebay
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    Employees "opinions" are many times just a sales agenda. Stores often want to push a certain devices and will offer high commissions on those. So when an employee recommends one device over another, it could simply be because of the sales goal and pay incentive rather than actually thinking it's the better device for you.

    This isn't true of everyone obviously. I've talked to a lot of helpful, smart Verizon employees before, and likewise, some very tech unsavvy ones just going through the motions of their training.
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    I do as well. Even if Verizon has a case for a phone that might be on sale or one that I want, I can literally find a case of similar quality with 10 to 15 different colors on Amazon if I want to. And that’s exactly why Amazon is taking away and hurting carriers in terms of accessories because they have better prices and you can have it delivered to your door within one/two business days.
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    "I couldn't care less."
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    That IS smug for sure. Congrats!

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