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Aug 8, 2002
You'll likely get more action in the Accessories sub-forum. There are tons of threads on cases in it.

I use the midnight blue leather case from Apple with my gold 6+. Love it.


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Sep 26, 2014
sorry to say this but isn't that like asking what's the best car? the best tv? everyone has their own standards, likes, and there are so many that will work. I have read other threads and some nice ones are out of my budget, some are ugly that other people love etc. There is no 'best' case.. that's only something you can decide and choose based on what you like. A wallet? a full body heavy protection, a lightweight clear thing.. too many choices for different reasons. Good luck, I'm still wondering what will be best for *me* too :)

Bobby Corwen

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Jul 16, 2010
Try the Black Apple Leather Case or the Spigen Clear type case.

Apple case looks good this year. Esspecially if you have the iPad case that matches! Mui magnifique.

Also get a matching black "Jam" bluetooth speaker for 59$.

Very Zen feeling. Leather on leather.


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Feb 13, 2005
I started with the Apple leather but returned it within a week.

Currently using a Spigen Thin Fit until ElementCase releases the Sector Pro for the 6+.

Out of curiosity, why did you return the Apple leather case? I am thinking about buying one.


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Sep 20, 2014
North Carolina
I purchased the smoke grey silicone case from Apple while waiting for my i-Blazon Slim case/hoslter combo to come in from Amazon. I generally don't like the "phone in my pocket" deal as I always keep things in them. Yea holster thing is a little ancient but works fine for me and it works perfect when I run with it as well.


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Mar 2, 2012
What is the best case for Iphone 6 Plus

"Best" is subjective my friend. Some people favor brands like Otterbox due to the protection they offer while others prefer a slimmer profile case.
When i had my 5S I used a Defender by Otterbox mainly to add size to the device. I personally felt that the 5/5S were too small for my taste. With the 6 Plus a slim profile case is all that is needed due to the healthy size of the device. Not to mention the fact that I take great care of my handsets. These are the cases that I will be using for my 6 Plus when it finally arrives.

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Nov 2, 2008
Apple leather is a nice case.

I love the Apple leather case. Really good product.

However, this time around I'm ditching my old wallet so I only have to carry one thing (+ car keys). I'm waiting for my preorder of the Dock Artisan wallet case. After doing A LOT of research on wallet cases I chose this one for the craftsmanship and the fact the phone snaps off the wallet for making calls. is the web addy



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Jul 13, 2010
I've ordered the Spigen Slim Armour. It looks great, can't comment on performance yet as I'm still waiting for the phone to arrive!


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Mar 2, 2012
I've ordered the Spigen Slim Armour. It looks great, can't comment on performance yet as I'm still waiting for the phone to arrive!

I got the Slim Armor for my wife's 6 Minus and she loves it. It offers a very slim profile and very decent protection. Very nice case.
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