iPhone XR What is the best value to buy now? iPhone X vs XR

Which one should I buy?

  • Refurbished iPhone X- $550

  • New iPhone XR- $750

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Nov 23, 2018
Ok, Black Friday has rolled around and I am stuck trying to determine the best economical route for which iPhone to buy. I am leaving the LG G6 because android is just unreliable and doesn't seem to have the same experience as my ios devices. I have looked on eBay and seen the $550 iPhone X refurbished. This seems like a good deal but I am a little concerned with the condition, although I know it will probably be fine. If the battery is bad, I can just get the replacement for out-of-warranty for only $29. Or is it worth buying the iPhone XR for $750 new? I want the phone to be unlocked, so all the gift card discounts are null in my eyes. Is the iPhone X performance and slightly degraded battery an okay trade-off for the cheaper price?

Any input is welcome,


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Sep 12, 2014
I would always buy new phones over used/refurb if I had the choice. Battery life will be much better with a new phone.


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Oct 26, 2011
Upstate SC
I buy refurbished Apple devices that are refurbished by and purchased through Apple only. In this case, I would go with the XR.


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Sep 12, 2014
The X has a better screen, but after using the Xr for daily usage it’s hardly noticeable. (I owned the X)

But you WILL notice the faster processor, better camera, and better battery life.

So if knowing you own a OLED over LCD on specs alone worth it for you, then go with the X.
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