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Apr 12, 2001

WhatsApp has opted to delay new privacy policy changes that have led to a significant amount of confusion over data sharing with Facebook, WhatsApp announced today. The planned privacy policy update will be delayed for three months, but it is not canceled.


According to WhatsApp, there's been "a lot of misinformation" leading to concern about the update. WhatsApp clarifies that the update does not expand its ability to share data with Facebook and is instead simply providing further transparency about how user data is collected and shared when using a new tool for messaging a business on WhatsApp.
With these updates, none of that is changing. Instead, the update includes new options people will have to message a business on WhatsApp, and provides further transparency about how we collect and use data. While not everyone shops with a business on WhatsApp today, we think that more people will choose to do so in the future and it's important people are aware of these services. This update does not expand our ability to share data with Facebook.
WhatsApp is now planning to move back the date on which people will need to review and accept the new terms and conditions to use the WhatsApp app, and no accounts will be deleted or suspended on February 8, which was the original date WhatsApp planned to enact the new policy. WhatsApp will now "do a lot more" to clear up misinformation about how privacy and security works, and then will make the new business options available on May 15.

WhatsApp first announced its new usage terms in early January, and the changes at the time suggested WhatsApp would share additional data with Facebook such as phone number, service-related information, IP address, and transaction data, but WhatsApp has since made it clear that the update does not affect data sharing with Facebook in terms of user chats or profile information, with the new terms instead applying to those who use the business chat feature.

WhatsApp has in fact shared some user information with Facebook since 2016, such as phone number, but chat messages and phone calls remain private and protected with end-to-end encryption.

Though there is a delay in the rollout of the new privacy policy, WhatsApp told The Verge that there will be no changes. The update is designed to make it clear to users that messages to businesses could be stored on Facebook servers, necessitating data sharing between the two companies. Facebook will be able to use that data for ad targeting and to improve its digital commerce business.

Article Link: WhatsApp Delays Privacy Policy Update That Led to Confusion Over Facebook Data Sharing


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Aug 16, 2002
Facebook gets a lot of hate on these boards, but we should also remember that this board is a bubble. FB alone has over 1.8 Billion daily active users, and almost 3B monthly.

You may read about Signal's boost in downloads, but what kind of dent was actually made?

FB's privacy intrusions are not new, yet they continue to grow. Most people simply don't care.


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Sep 2, 2017
I would be interested to know how many people deleted their WhatsApp account after that change.
I deleted it way back before even coming to this point,.. I trust no apps anymore... they're all the same, even when claiming ptp encryption or whatever.. especially when comes to Google & Facebook.. Unless you pay for it, no one is giving you top notch security these days, they suck on it anyway.. Damn capitalism.
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Jul 9, 2010
here and there but not over there
The only confusion was at Facebook over the outrage of people about the s*** they are pulling ... they probably assumed that everyone just eats it up without complaints

According to WhatsApp, there's been "a lot of misinformation" leading to concern about the update.
nope, the truth came out louder than they expected ... now people are leaving (sadly not enough)
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Mar 14, 2015
I find it so funny that the tinfoil-hat wearing dunces who have no idea how technology works think Covid is a hoax and are terrified they're going to be injected with magical tracking microchips that will let "THEM" know everything about their life, but are quite happy to use Facebook to bitch about it ? Oh the delicious irony!


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Sep 15, 2012
The fact that it took them this long to address the concerns means there was no confusion. This is their way of backtracking. In a few months, this will all quietly go away.

Also, I find it interesting how they're framing this: "Nothing is changing, we're simply being transparent". If people were outraged over these supposed changes, and WhatsApp is now saying nothing is changing and that they are just being transparent, then it follows that they've actually already been sharing WhatsApp information with Facebook.


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Mar 7, 2006
So how is Whatsapp monetized then? They've got people hooked, and it's a great app but now what?

Vacuuming up data was always going to be the answer.
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May 13, 2010
I hope the exodus keeps going on. Signal (better) and Telegram (good) are alternatives to cater to people’s diverse interests without the nightmare of data theft and profile-building that is Facebook’s empire.


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Nov 17, 2020
Signal was experiencing server problems an hour ago. I imagine they might be receiving an enormous influx of users migrating from WhatsApp. Tech journals around the world are writing about Facebook practice and recommending people to migrate to Signal.

Facebook is really concerned.
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