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Apr 12, 2001

Apple's first-ever all-online Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) starts today with the traditional keynote kicking things off at 10:00 a.m. Pacific Time.


We're expecting to see a number of announcements, including iOS 14, macOS 10.16, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14, as well as an announcement about Apple's long-rumored transition of its Mac lineup from Intel processors to Apple-designed Arm-based chips. Last-minute rumors have indicated that hardware announcements are unlikely this year.

Apple is providing a live video stream on its website, on YouTube, and in the company's TV and Developer apps across its platforms. We will also be updating this article with live blog coverage and issuing Twitter updates through our @MacRumorsLive account as the keynote unfolds. Highlights from the event and separate news stories regarding today's announcements will go out through our @MacRumors account.

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Visit article to see live updates

Article Link: WWDC 2020: Coverage of Apple's Keynote with iOS 14, macOS 10.16, and More
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Aug 29, 2016
I’m assuming it will appear in the TV app within the next 45 minutes as currently in the U.K. it’s not showing?


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Apr 27, 2014
Me think new iMac are going to be announced. Ship time for iMac 27" is now 2-3 weeks.
The apple store hasn't gone down and if new hardware was going to be announced then it would have by now. I'm desperate for the new iMac myself and was counting on it, but yesterday's rumours about no new hardware and the fact that the store is not down suggests to me that our dreams have been shot.... very strange though that all other Macs have had an update and spec wise the iMac is ancient compare to all other Macs, not to mention the design. Not sure what the deals is with the delayed shipping time, might just be COVID related, or fingers crossed it's a pre-announcement today with orders beginning later in the year...


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Jan 17, 2008
Edinburgh, Scotland
I’m assuming it will appear in the TV app within the next 45 minutes as currently in the U.K. it’s not showing?
No idea how to get to it in a normal way within the TV App (I’ve looked, scrolled, and searched) but if you go to the Apple Events app it says it is rolled into the TV App but... clicking through there takes you into the right bit of the TV App and you can now see a holding graphic scrolling round with some chilled music.


Jul 21, 2009
Hopefully it’s not another year of the ipad getting all the good stuff and iOS being forgotten about.
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