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Apr 12, 2001

Microsoft's Xbox Cloud Gaming service is officially launching today and is now available to be used on the iPhone and iPad through the Safari browser, says Microsoft.


As of today, Xbox Cloud Gaming is available to all Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members with Apple smartphones and tables and Windows 10 PC users. The service can be accessed by visiting on Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Safari on a mobile device or on PC.

Two weeks ago, Microsoft said that Xbox Cloud Gaming would be launching on Apple devices "in the next few weeks" following a limited beta test for a small number of users.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is designed to allow users to play hundreds of games from the Xbox Game Pass library on any device using a web browser. According to Microsoft, the service is now powered by Xbox Series X hardware in upgraded Microsoft data centers to deliver faster load times and improved framerates.

To ensure low latency, Microsoft plans to stream at 1080p at up to 60 frames per second, and the service is designed to offer seamless play across all devices. Using Xbox Cloud Gaming requires an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, which is priced at $14.99 per month. New users can get a three month trial for $1.

Along with a full rollout of Xbox Cloud Gaming, Microsoft today announced that it is expanding its Designed for Xbox mobile gaming accessory lineup to iOS devices, with several new accessories available starting today.


The Xbox Backbone One, for example, is an iPhone-compatible gaming controller with built-in Xbox integrations such as a Capture Button for sharing gameplay moments. Microsoft is also touting the Razer Kishi Universal Gaming Controller for iOS and OtterBox Power Swap Controller Batteries.

Article Link: Xbox Cloud Gaming Service Now Available on iOS Devices Through Safari
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Aug 28, 2019
Hate to be that guy but... "New users can get a three month free trial for $1."??
"Free" ... something is amiss.

And all of this being in the web instead of an app is due to Apple’s greed and not wanting anyone to compete with the Arcade.
Apple allows these web apps to bypass their profit margins but having an app in the app store is bad? The logic is non-existent. Apple even helps with these web apps to function.


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Mar 6, 2008
It's really, really good on iPad and the few times I've done it on Mac. I'm just still a bit miffed that where I could use this solution the most – the Apple TV – has no solution with how they have to implement doing this through the browser.

You can use a usb-c -> hdmi dongle to connect your iPad to your TV in up to 4K 60fps, depending on your model, your iPad has a better GPU and performance than even the new Apple TV 4k.


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May 8, 2008
"Free" ... something is amiss.

Apple allows these web apps to bypass their profit margins but having an app in the app store is bad? The logic is non-existent. Apple even helps with these web apps to function.
They are not on Apples Servers, they are not Apple App Store customer that they have actively marketed to engage that someone else is undermining their efforts. This means Apple customers benefit with access and Apple doesn’t have to support it in any way.


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Jul 11, 2008
It's really, really good on iPad

Really? I'm finding MS's streaming tech to be awful on iOS. Streaming direct from either my XB1, or XBSX to my iPad is only usable for fairly low framerate games, and regularly shows the network warning indicator. Meanwhile I can fire up OneCast and stream from my XB1 with no issues whatsoever. Same devices, same network, different outcomes.

Similarly this service seems rough at best on my iPad Pro. I'll give it ago on my phone via cell and see if that helps. The only issue I can think of that might impact my LAN would be buffer bloat, but again, not something that seems to faze OneCast which is quite capable of doing its job even while people are beating on the network elsewhere in the house.
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May 8, 2008
So Apple doesn’t get to review the games and doesn’t get the 30% cut. Not sure how this is a win for Apple.
Their customers aren’t locked out while Apple is not responsible for hosting, marketing, processing, or support in any way. They win, because they are not being forced to support a network they are not getting paid for. It’s a web browser and they have supported web apps from day one.


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Apr 21, 2004
Why exactly should Apple’s tech and APIs be used for free? Please explain why they should do that?
It’s not free. Apple charges developers a yearly fee. The App Store is already full of free apps, and Apple is ok with that. I don’t pay Apple for Netflix or Disney+, or my Amazon purchases, but those apps are still on my phone and Apple is happy to have them in the App Store.
Game streaming apps are really no different than video streaming apps, as that’s basically all they’re doing. The only difference is the video being streamed is very interactive. :)

Nuno Lopes

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Sep 6, 2011
Lisbon, Portugal
Why exactly should Apple’s tech and APIs be used for free? Please explain why they should do that?
Since when is Apple tech being used for free? Didn’t you buy your $high end$ devices and licensed the required OS for your use? Wasn’t the API licensed for use by devs already? Haven’t you bought the iPhone, iPad, Macbook or iMac to access apps and services you need or was just for you to travel around showing off how cool you look with an iPhone in your hand?

Jezzz. This is classic double dipping … aka selling exactly the same thing over and over and over again to the same person ... The “thing” is “to do what was supposed to do” when you bought in the first place … that is run the apps and digital services that you need or want.

Not judging Apple at all, they do what it best for them. I’m actually judging you and customers like you that tend to argue more in favor of Apple than yourselfs and drag everyone else down, including me. Weak minds in my opinion.

Would it be a bad thing for you or someone else to also have an xCloud or Stadia app in our $1.2k devices? Why is it good for you to be forced to use web browser instead of an app in your $1k iPhone … because Apple wants even more $$$ … heck in my $2k iPad Pro?

Why Why Why?

So please explain to us ignorant customers why you want to pay for the same thing more than once?
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