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Apr 12, 2001

YouTube TV on the Apple TV has been updated with 5.1 audio support, YouTube announced today. The updated audio works with compatible live, DVR, and video on-demand content that's watched on YouTube TV.


5.1 audio offers surround sound and has brand names that include Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic, THX, and DTS.

YouTube says that content that supports 5.1 surround sound will play in that format automatically when using the YouTube app on a compatible device, which now includes the Apple TV. YouTube TV users can check if content supports 5.1 audio by playing a video, selecting the More option, choosing the Bug, and checking stats for nerds.

Article Link: YouTube TV Now Supports 5.1 Surround Sound on Apple TV


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Sep 30, 2021
I looked into switching to using them from cable since it’s $5 cheaper a month and I get way more channels through them, but supposedly the bitrate is significantly worse and the video quality sucks?


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Oct 26, 2012
I would rather have HDR support (Dolby Vision even better), which I believe the Apple TV YouTube app does not support.
You have to set AppleTV to HDR mode in settings. Then YouTube and YTTV will do HDR. I have not verified if you need to still do this, though. If you're not seeing HDR YouTube, then is must mean it has to be done still. There's some football/baseball games that showed in full HDR on YTTV when I had the $20 a month 4K option. I no longer have that option. Not enough content in 4K.
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Dec 2, 2017
I would rather have HDR support (Dolby Vision even better), which I believe the Apple TV YouTube app does not support.
It supports HDR. Dynamic range matching was enabled some weeks ago. No DV though.

Edit: I don’t use the YTTV app, only the regular YouTube app. No idea how the YTTV behaves in this regard.
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Aug 13, 2020
I believe the last update added HDR support and frame rate matching.
The frame rate matching seems to be broken - if you pop into the AppleTV owners section you'll see people complaining about it. Any commercial/Video stutters in a way that cuts out the first few seconds of video. Super annoying.
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