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  1. michaellanfield

    Macbook bluetooth keeps disconnecting when paired with android phone

    I am trying to connect my Macbook Pro (late 2013 model) computer (OSX 10.11.3) to my Motorola Moto G phone via bluetooth. It is pairing alright, but keeps disconnecting every few seconds (usually 2-3 seconds). Then a message appears right after (most of the time, sometimes this message does not...
  2. D

    Bluetooth headphones that charge via Lightning?

    I find it pretty convenient to charge my iPhone, iPad, trackpad and keyboard via a single lightning cable. However, that raises the question for me if there are any bluetooth headphones on the market that charge via lightning as well? It's not that I'm in a hurry to buy new ones - I love my...
  3. haravikk

    Converting Mac Mini into an HTPC

    So I have an old mid 2010 Mac Mini, the unibody model that still had a superdrive, and I'm thinking of enlisting it as a media centre device so I can reliably watch stuff from my computer in my living room, as well as replacing my DVD player with it (I'm also hoping to swap the superdrive for a...
  4. arniesilver

    iPhone Latest iOS 9.3 beta (13E5181f) breaks bluetooth

    I got a bunch of bluetooth issues with my iPhone 6s after upgrading with the latest beta. - My Garmin Vivosmart fail to pair (even it shows as connected under my devices). - iGrill do not pair - In my speaker docking station, it fail to detect my headset Anyone else with similar problems?
  5. A

    Mac Pro 2,1 - Yosemite, comptabile WiFi+Bluetoot

    Hello! I have Mac pro 2,1 and yosemite, i cant get work BCM4311 and BCM4312 on this machine, what cards i can buy to get work wifi and maybe Bluetooth "from the box" without any kext modification (of course i can flash it once :) ) Also it will be very nice if the card can be supported by...
  6. R

    Mac disconnects from Denon Heos 5 wireless speaker?

    I just got the Heos 5 speaker for christmas, and have successfully paired it via wifi with my iphone. But when Im trying to pair it via bluetooth with my Mac, it just keeps disconnecting the speaker. Im unable to play music from the Mac. What do I do?
  7. M

    Keyboard, mouse won't connect

    10.8.5 on a used mac mini 6,1 4 core i7. I had been having problems with wifi, but not with bluetooth. Fortunately there was still time on Applecare, so I took the machine to the local Apple Store. After testing they confirmed my observation that wifi was dead and replaced the airport card. Now...
  8. H

    Should apps work when connected by wifi?

    Hi all, Id rather keep Bluetooth turned off as much as possible to preserve battery life. My phone and watch are both connected to the same wifi network. Should watch apps such as Twitter and Amazon work like this or do I HAVE to have Bluetooth on? If they should work- any ideas what's going...
  9. S

    cMBP 2012 13'': Reinstall-persistend issues

    Hi everyone, I'm currently experiencing some issues with my cMBP 2012 13'' (base config, 16GB RAM, OS X 10.11.2), which I cannot get resolved by cleanly reinstalling OS X. I tried resetting NVRAM and SMC, and did not enter an Apple ID to prevent cloud-based settings to be loaded. 1. Superdrive...
  10. Z

    Airdrop not working. Email not sending.

    Bluetooth. Why can't I pair my MBPr with my iPhone 6 plus? When I try from my macbook, it discovers my iPhone but only flashes the pairing code for less than a second. Consequently, Airdrop doesn't work. This is prob for another forum, but maybe it's related in some strange way: the mail app...
  11. rsdotscot

    2009 Macmini3,1 startup problems

    Hi folks, For a while now my brother's 2009 Mac Mini has run into problems during startup. It takes forever to get past the Apple logo, and then it has trouble finding his BT keyboard. He's confirmed that he has everything important on an external drive so we determined the best course of...