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fast charging

  1. D

    Series 6 charging - new charger?

    The new  Watch series 6 offers 20% faster charging 🎉 and that's for sure a welcome change 🥳 But I can't find any info if the Watch only charges faster with the included charger puck? Or if it also works with the older chargers? There's no text on the charger puck the identify output power...
  2. J

    iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Hello.. the thing is I bought my phone a week ago and didn't use the fast charging because it was getting battery drain at late night so I been using the 5w charger for a few days. This is the first time that I use fast charging and I noticed that it got hot/warm when it was charging from 5 to...
  3. T

    iPhone 11 iPhone 11 wont charger with usb C to lightning cable

    I have 3rd party 65w USB C charger and original USB C to lightning cable which seems to be working for my iPhone 7 Plus, iPad 5th gen with no issue. But when I plug in my iPhone 11 , is just doesn’t charge!! The charger adapter came in the box seems to be working. Is there a known issue...
  4. B

    Buy The 18w or 30w USB-C Power Adapter?

    So having a hard time deciding which adapter to buy for my Iphone XS for fast charging, been reading about how the iPhone XS and iPhone XR will only draw a maximum of 18 watts? Any difference between the two? Charging speeds?
  5. bonjourx

    Whats the difference between the two wireless chargers?

    Hello, I am looking to purchase a wireless charger that's a bit faster than the old mophie...
  6. J

    2018 MBA: Fast(er) Charging Available?

    Hi Everyone, I believe that the 2018 MBA comes with a 30 watt USB-C charger. If you were to use a 45 watt, 60 watt, or 87 watt USB-C charger, would the 2018 MBA charge any faster? Or is the 2018 MacBook Air physically limited to charging at a max of 30 watts?
  7. Dino_Axl

    iPhone XR fast charging question?

    Hi guys, new member here :) I have new MacBook Air that has 30W charger that is required for iPhone to fast charge (if you have a USB-C to Lightning cable) I don't have the required cable but I do have official Apple USB-C to USB dongle. If I plug the USB-C to USB dongle to the charger and plug...
  8. R

    Fast charging a lie?

    I purchased today from Apple the 29W USB-C Power Adapter and the Lighting to USB-C cable to fast charge my iPhone 8 Plus. It took it more than 60min to get from 46% to 100%. Is that supposed to be fast or am I missing something here? I plugged it into a power strip, could that be the reason why...
  9. L

    Fast charging 10.5 iPad

    hi all I have a 29w MacBook charger and a third party usb c to lightening cable. I’ve only used it a while and haven’t noticed a dramatic difference in charge time. All I wanted to know is, could the fact I’m not using an official Apple branded cable be the reason it isn’t charging faster...
  10. J

    Question about Fast Charging

    I've been browsing Amazon all week for different deals and hoping I'd see a USB-C to Lightning cable for a decent price, but nothing... :( What I have been seeing is USB-C to USB A adapters (Like this one...
  11. Z

    iPhone X iPhone X fast charging issue

    hey everyone, Quick question: I bought the Apple fast charging overpriced set up for my iPhone X, but I am experiencing an issue. Well not sure if it’s an issue, but wanted ur guys’ feedback. From 0%-50% battery life, my iPhone uses the full fast charging capability, from then on the phone...
  12. E

    In-Car Fast Charging - Charger & Cable Question

    With the 2017 iPhones having a wired fast charging capability, I'm hoping to set up a way to fast charge in my car via the cigarette lighter slot... Was wondering if you guys can help with some questions: 1. I read somewhere that I need a car charger that can deliver 18W or more, is that right...
  13. A

    What 3rd party wireless charger will you get? [MERGED]

    looking for a wireless charger for my 8 plus. will this Samsung S8 one work as its QI? Thanks in advance Samsung EP-PG950BBEGWW Samsung Wireless Fast Qi Charger for S8/S8 Plus - Black
  14. S

    How safe it is to use fast charging everyday

    Will receive my iPhone 8+ in a few days. How safe is it to use the fast charging function everyday ? Already bought the 29W USB-C Power Adapter and the necessary USB-C cable.
  15. K

    Fast Charging Feature?

    If you look through the specs on the website, it mentions fast charging for the new phones. 50% charge in 30 minutes, but I've seen on some of the articles MacRumors has posted that that is only possible through the adapters from the MacBooks? Is that really the only way to take advantage of...
  16. Chupa Chupa

    iPad Pro USB-C fast charge -- Reg. USB-C cable or one w/ PD?

    As title says - if I am going to plug my 2017 iPP into the the USB-C charger can I use any USB-C cable or do I need one that supports power delivery? I've done some Googling but can't see to find a straight answer from a reliable source.
  17. B

    iPad Pro FAST CHARGING QUESTION!!! 10.5 and 12.9

    Hello, I'm really interested in getting fast charging for my new 10.5 iPad Pro but I don't want to spend so much money on apples charger and cable. Are there any third-party chargers that will do the same thing on a cheaper budget? If so, which ones? Thanks a ton!