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Dec 12, 2020
Download Ploppypop here

Hello future Ploppypoppers!

Over the last past months I developed my very first own iOS game fully in Spritekit. You would really help me with some feedback for the game, it’s for free so just download it and give it a try.

Let’s first check the feature list:
  • Different game objects with special effects
  • Different Highscores and Multiplayer mode
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • Currently a winter theme
  • Dark Mode Support
  • Portrait and Landscape Support
  • Offline playable
  • iMessage Support - send your favourite Ploppy to your friends and family!
  • Available in English, Chinese (simplified), German and Spanish
  • And most importantly: No pay2win and no advertisements - Since today almost each free mobile game is just some kind of cash-cow fully packed with advertisements and pay2win mechanisms, which annoys me as a gamer myself. The only stuff in Ploppypop what you can buy are skins - just to have the possibility to get some kind of support. So the idea is not to get rich with this game, instead, I am already more than happy when I see that some people are playing and enjoying it.
So as you can see in the feature list, the idea was to add a lot of features to get eventually also featured by Apple. But that … actually did not work out that well. That’s why I am also asking for help promoting the game since this is my first own app/game and I have no idea what typical platforms are to promote such games. I can also list what I already set up:
Furthermore, unfortunately, especially since I have chinese language support, the game is not available in China due to any needed registration number or something like this - so if anyone knows how difficult it is to set this up or how setting this up actually works, I am also happy about any information about that!
As written above please just download the game and try it out. Let me know about any feedback, like what you like about it and what not, or even about any features what you would like to see in there - I am happy about every response and all kind of likes/follows/shares/... Other than that, just pop your first Ploppy today! Thank you and best regards!

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