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  1. U

    Replace GPU after reballing

    Hello everyone, I have an iMac classified as obsolete/vintage by Apple and so I had to fix it by myself. The problem was a frozen screen on the startup (grey window with the apple, vertical stripes and weird colours) that has been partially solved with a reballing on the graphic card (AMD Radeon...
  2. T

    2020 MacBook Pro 13 (i5-1038NG7) Maximum Video RAM

    Can anyone who has the new 2020 MacBook Pro (i5-1038NG7) share the video memory that’s available? I’m thinking to customise it to 32GB. Since the video RAM is shared with the main memory, does more RAM give more video RAM? Or is there a cap to the video ram regardless of the main memory.
  3. B

    iMac for 1080p/1440p 60FPS video editing + Motion Graphics

    Hello, I would like to ask about minimal model of 21.5" iMac for being able to use FCP X and Motion 5 in smooth work. I want my iMac for 1080p/1440p 60FPS video editing + dive in Motion Graphics, I want zero problems but in relative cheap AND 100% most comfortable to use product. I am currently...
  4. WiLLGT09

    Strange Chrome browser graphical glitches

    Here's another strange bug I'm experiencing with the new 16" macbook pro... I'm experiencing some strange, and seemingly random graphical glitches in Chrome on certain websites when my Mac is attached to an external display. I mainly use Safari, but for work stuff, I like to use Chrome. I've...
  5. F

    Macbook Air 2020 — Graphic Design

    Hey there! I was wondering if you guys think MBA 2020 i5 can run Illustrator and Photoshop for simple tasks or is it worth waiting for the new MBP? I have my iMac for my daily job, Thank you!
  6. AjTee

    Strange behaviour of stacks in macOS Catalina (19A583)

    Hello, I have noticed strange behaviour of stacks in Catalina (19A583). 1. I have some images on desktop which create stack of images. 2. Deleted stack of images. 3. When switching desktops there is graphic glitch on existing desktop folder. 4. Disable and enable stacks again solve issue till...
  7. Z

    Graphic problems/screen problem

    Hi there, I have a problem with my iMac early 2008 24inch (nvidia geforce 8800gs). After upgrading GPU to NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT 1024 MB the main screen is gray (as showing on photo ) and the external screen is working properly. I installed the EFI Clover boot and extracted SDST...
  8. P

    iMac Late 2013 27 in Graphics issue

    Hello all, I have had a iMac Late 2013 for the last 3 or 4 years and I am seeing a graphics issue. It is very similar to the picture attached to this post. From what I have been reading online, it appears to either be a graphics card issue or the LCD screen is failing. I am thinking to buy a...
  9. S

    MBP 2018 for Graphic AND 3D

    Hi people, I am curious to know if anyone here uses the new MBP Pro 15' for Graphic Design and especially for 3D Graphics. I am waiting for this year to end and replace my 2010 15 ' MBP, which is been my loyal comrade for 8 years and still working hard. Though, I had to drop aside zBrush and...
  10. SaltedsnakE

    Starcraft 2 graphic issue

    I don't know is this right forum to post this thread but I'm in desperate need of help. Since last month, my starcraft 2 has gotten some issues with graphics. Certain volcanic terrain textures are broken and just like the snapshot below, the sword of a zealot is not shown. I'm pretty sure there...
  11. E

    Can anyone tell me if this safari graphical glitch is in the new MacOS?

    :apple: How to recreate: -fullscreen safari -fullscreen a youtube video -un-fullscreen the video I'm hoping the video doesn't glitch to the desktop and then jump to the on a separate space. If it does do this please please make a quick report (use I think?) so they can...
  12. Z

    working remotely

    I prefer to be able to do my freelance stuff remotely or anywhere in the world i choose to go to at any given moment. But... what kind of a computer setup must i own in order to be able to work remotely? I guess, owning a large computer screen is a must, because there are clients that have to do...
  13. saiful

    [Experienced Help needed]-How to attract buyer again after a Long Time Break on Market place?

    Hello Senior Designer, I’m very anxious on how to get people again to my gig, how i’m start again? I took a 8 months break from (fi***), And I can’t get any buyer now though i’m much more experienced comparing previews even double times, but if there’s no traffic on it now, there probably more...
  14. WSWien

    Converting iDraw files without iDraw (Autodesk Graphic)

    I've come across a number of .idraw files recently and have tried everything I can think of to open/convert them. It seems like there are no online converters and no iDraw (or Autodesk Graphic) for Windows. So basically, it seems like Windows user can't use these files at all. And as a Mac user...
  15. S

    Macbook Pro 2014 external screen graphics

    I just bought a used Macbook Pro 2014 15" (totally happy), but as I was connecting my screen I realized that there was blurry/bad graphics all over the place. After some searching, I can see that people is complaining about this, but did not find any solution. Does anyone has a solution to this...
  16. M

    Design & Planet Coaster RX 560 or 580?

    Hi, (when saying RX I mean Radeon Pro, sorry!) Does anyone here have experience playing Planet Coaster through Boot Camp on the RX 460? I'm trying to decide to sell my 13 inch MBP (i7 2016 tb) and buy the 15 inch MBP with 560, or keep the 13 inch MBP and buy an iMac with the 580. I'm going to...
  17. M

    Replacement of graphic card

    Hi, first of all, sorry if I use the wrong terminology, but I am not technical at all. I have a MBP 15" (late 2011) that stopped working a few days ago. Suddenly, the screen became crazy and the computer turned off. Since then, I cannot restart it. It get blocked on the screen with the loading...
  18. VladShvets

    Vectr - new free graphics design tool @ Mac Store

    Meet Vectr - freshly launched free graphics design app @ Mac Store. Vectr is a free vector graphics software used to create graphics easily and intuitively. It's simple and cross-platform: start designing something on your Mac, and then continue working on the same project online. • Precise...
  19. Z

    460 radeon 4gb

    hi I got the new MacBook pro with touchbar 15 inch and the radeon 460 4gb. But when I click on about this Mac he shows me this graphic card: Intel HD Graphics 530 1536 MB I heard that this is normal and when the Mac is running on some adobe software or final cut he switches to the 460 radeon...
  20. dillonbradley4

    nTB vs TB 13" Advice for Graphic Designer

    I'm a soon to graduate graphic designer looking for some advice on my replacement for my Mid 2010 13"MBP. Before I explain the options let me give you a bit of background of my general usage: I use the Adobe suite (mostly photoshop, illustrator, indesign and a little bit of after effects) on a...