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heat issue

  1. S

    2019 13" intel Mac Heating issue

    Gang, I would appreciate your help here since I've exhausted all my options. My 2019 13-inch intel Macbook Pro overheats, even when no apps are open. - Checked activity monitor and ensured background apps and start-up/Login items are controlled. - Formatted the laptop. Reset SMC and NVRAM...
  2. A

    MBP 14 base .what are your temperatures ( especially idle )

    Idk if that's truly normal,bit with my room at 21-22°celcius ,my MBP 14 base 8/14 is 45-50°,and when running some light stuff ,it gets to 55-60 I'd say . Meanwhile my MBA M1 is 26-34° at idle -crazy cool isn't it - ,and around 40° with the same tasks Is that normal ?
  3. Airforcekid

    16 inch MBP base M1 PRO overheating

    Just received my new MacBook Pro after waiting a month its the base model upgrading from a 2013 MacBook Air. I decided to set it up as a new machine and did not transfer anything from my air. So far I did the setup and installed the following apps Carrot weather, IVPN, Brave browser...
  4. J

    MP 1,1-5,1 CPU Temperature under load

    Hi All, I know that this is something that is generally addressed but I wanted to ask about my situation specifically. I have recently upgraded the CPU's in a dual processor Mac Pro 4,1 flashed to 5,1 to the X5690's. I have used delidded processors for this. It is only my second go at...
  5. B

    iPhone 12 Pro Max Iphone 12 pro max major battery drain 1% on idle every few mins

    I upgraded at the weekend from 11 pro max to 12 pro max and the 12 is worst on battery life by a country mile. I work in a place where phones are now allowed so it gets left in the cars glove box, The iPhone 11 idle for 12hrs from 100% battery was 95% charged, the iPhone 12 less than 80%. Now...
  6. motochan

    16" MBP CPU safe max temps and graphics glitching

    Hey guys, I have a i9 octa-core 2.4ghz with 64GB ram, 5500M 8GB DDR6, 4TB config that is ~6 months old. Recently, I've been noticing a really weird behaviour after investigating why my 16" MBP is displaying graphical glitches after playing Civ6 via Steam for under 5 mins. Resolution in-game is...
  7. ruslan120

    TG Pro (Lightweight) Tutorial: Stop Burning your Lap

    I filmed a short tutorial on using TG Pro for new Mac users. This app helps keep temperatures low by increasing Macs' fan rates. I've found that setting the fans a bit faster by default remains inaudible yet boosts performance and more importantly, comfort if using the Macbook on your lap...
  8. laurapalmer

    MacBook Fan is Driving me CRAZY please help

    Just got a refurbished 15" MacBook Pro, Mid 2015 2.8 Ghz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 16GB RAM 1TB storage It seems to be working fine in any other aspect, but it heats up and the fan goes on frequently and loudly. Sometimes it will go on when all I'm running is Safari, I've checked multiple times...
  9. Tommaso Ammannati

    iPad Pro Left side of ipad pro heat up

    Hi everyone Is normal that the left side immediately warm up instead the right side stays cold? (Ipad pro 11 2018)
  10. A

    USB-C Hub gets very hot on MacBook Pro 2020

    I just got the new MacBook Pro 2020 (4-ports version) and with that, the Dodocool 8-in-2 USB-C hub. I am seeing that the hub heats up very quickly and after an hour or so, it feels really hot. I am worried that it may damage my MacBook. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  11. R

    Is the macbook pro 2018 model still suffer from heat ?

    Hello , i want to buy the base model macbook pro 2018 2.2ghz i7 , i want to know is the heat problem still there ? Or there is a fix ? All my work is 4k video editing and internet surfing .
  12. F

    MacBook Pro 2019 high temperature.

    After upgrading to Catalina and the recent update the system becomes very warm. Just starting up, and no programs started, within a couple of minutes the fan starts. My MacBook becomes very warm. Anyone having the same problem.
  13. Marinier

    Thunderbolt 3 hub (SD, 3 usb, hdmi, Ethernet) connected to MacBook Pro 13 2019 4TB gets 60-70C hot.

    I have recently purchased a Dynamode (8 in 1 hub) to use my quite old Samsung SymcMaster 21" external display. It is connected to my hub via DVI-HDMI cable. It has 2 types of SD cards, 3 USB 3.1, 1 Ethernet up to 1 Gbit, HDMI and USB-C power port. As soon as I connect hub to MacBook the...
  14. U

    Thermal Paste replace

    Hello everybody, I have a macbook pro mid 2012 and since 2014 (when I bought it) I never cleaned it up. So now it is heating up pretty good even with light workloads. Than I'm taking it to be cleaned up and the guy said that they replace the thermal paste over the processor also, and I would...
  15. A

    iPhone X iPhone X Extrem thermal throttling

    Hello, I just want to know if you can help me determine if my iPhone X has defective components or if this is a normal behavior. The test I did was the following: I run [AnTuTu Benchmark] two times in a row, to check if the...
  16. S

    iPhone 7(+) Bottom of iphone heats up when brightness is turned up

    the bottom of my iphone 7 plus (the part where the home button is located) heats up whenever the brightness is turned up past halfway. What could be causing this?
  17. R

    i5 3.8 vs i7 4.2

    Hello all, Glad to be a part of this forum. I currently have a 2014 MBP13 and am very likely to upgrade to an iMac (not the pro) within the next month or so. I am not a gamer, so the big demand I will throw at the iMac will be Lightroom and Photoshop editing 24mb+ RAW image files. I am...
  18. andyblila

    iPhone X heat issues?

    Today my X got really hot just sitting there. Is anyone else having heat issues?
  19. J

    iPhone X iPhone X battery/heat issues?

    Anyone else experiencing incredibly poor battery with the X? (4.5hrs 0-100%) I have things such as background app refresh, restrictions on some apps using location, decreased screen brightness etc.. all turned off... Charge up time is ridiculously slow - 30% increase in 45 minutes. On top of...
  20. T

    Fan Noise and 2017 MBP's

    Has anyone with a 2017 MBP (nTB 13") put in enough mileage to determine how loud/annoying the fan noise is? There's a lot of chatter on the interwebs on the subject, and I'm still torn between a nTB 13" and a 12" rMB mostly because of the fanless, quiet design despite performance/port...