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imac 2015

  1. Knar

    Big Sur on iMac thinks it's an MB Air?

    Confused? You won't be after the next episode of Big Sur!
  2. seamuskrat

    Mac OS cannot be installed on this computer error

    Ok- and odd one. 2015 iMac27 fully loaded. Had a supplemental Catalina update. Went ahead and downloaded and restart. about 5 minutes in I get a screen saying it cannot be restarted. Press D to run diagnostics or restart the installer. I ran the diagnostics and it said no issues. Tried...
  3. wkwdp87

    Thunderbolt 2 Port Not Reading Harddrives

    Hi, I've got an issue with both the thunderbolt2 ports on my iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015 Running Catalina. (Model 17,1) I have an OWC Thunderbolt 2 hard drive dock that isn't connecting to the iMac over thunderbolt 2. It can connect via USB3.0, but it is much slower and isn't able to...
  4. Robajohn

    Estate sale iMac

    I purchased an iMac at an estate sale but the previous owner now deceased did not reset the computer. No relative knows his login or Apple ID. Did I just purchase a paperweight?
  5. 33Ledjent33

    SSD Enclosure for my 'NEW' iMac (2015)

    Hello dear users! BEWARE this post is long-ish.. I decided to step up my music production game and I am slowly planning on selling my good ol' Tower Mac Pro 2008. I recently bought an iMac 2015 that was on sale locally on Gumtree. Beautiful machine with 64GB Ram, i7 processor, 2tb fusion...
  6. plasticbag01

    External Bootable SSD Late 2015 iMac

    Hi All, I'm looking to buy an external SSD and make it bootable for my late 2015 iMac. I'm open to any suggestions, but I'm thinking of this as a single dedicated drive (I don't need multidrive units). It's a 5k display, with USB 3 and Thunderbolt 2 ports. I'm looking for the fastest option...
  7. A

    Mojave Wifi Calling

    Hi i have always had issues with continuity between iPhone and the iMac (late 2015 retina) in terms of using the feature to make calls via my iPhone on the iMac. Everything else works; continuity for continuing where i left off from my iPhone on my mac, and vice versa, the universal copy and...
  8. fhturner

    Target Display Mode on *non-Retina* iMac 2015?

    I have looked all over, but have not found any specific confirmation or refusal of this: can a non-Retina iMac 2015 (such as base or mid 21.5" or base 27") do Target Disk Mode? The "letter of the law": suggests not due to the verbiage "...Late 2014 and...
  9. mattmgd

    iMac 2015, 5k: is it worth buying and things to check

    Hey all, I have been offered a second-hand iMac and just want to know if you think the price is ok and things I should check for when I pick it up. Spec: iMac 27" 5k, late 2015. 4ghz i7 8gb RAM 250ssd (or whatever it is, possibly 256?) AMD R9 M395 Apple Care until early 2019 (checked serial...
  10. Ylan

    2017 iMac SSD Slower than 2015 for small files

    According to Mac Performance Guide the new 2017 iMac's SSDs are slower than the 2015 models when writing small files. Does anyone know how this could be? It's only for smaller files, on the whole they are a lot faster. As i read this, I thought about two possible reasons: Apple has made...
  11. N

    Late 2015 iMac 27 storage upgrade options

    Hi, I have a late 2015 iMac 27 with 1TB HDD. It is too slow for applications to open and regular Finder operations. I am planning to upgrade the storage to improve the speed. Here are my options. 1) Apple 256 GB Flash drive (PCIe SSD?) for $500 (labor included) - Result 1 = 1 TB fusion...
  12. sheppanator

    iMac Backlight Controller Location

    Hi – I have a 2015 iMac which I have replaced the thermal compound for, turning it back on I note that the hottest part of the system is the sensor 'Back light controller proximity temperature' which is at 47C at idle. I am afraid to push it. Does anyone have any idea where this sensor is...
  13. T

    iMac 27" late 2015 - RAM

    Hi. Normally an iMac late 2015, use 1867 MT/s (PC3-14900) SODIMM 204-pin. Do someone know if it's possible to use.. 2133 MT/s (PC3-17066) SODIMM 204-pin (cheaper RAM) and then it downscale it to 1867 MT/s ?
  14. T

    transfer files between iMac's and Retina display question.

    Hi All. 1. How can I transfer files and so one, between two iMac's an old mid 2011 27" iMac where the GPU is dead, so blue screen and can't get into the desktop, to a new late 2015 27" iMac ?? 2. I know how to open the old mid 2011, but can see it's harder on a late 2015, my question is - is...
  15. R

    Max speed of wifi card

    I have a mid-2015 5k iMac. I also have gigabit internet. When I sit my iMac right next to the router, I get 500-550 Mbps at best with wifi. With Ethernet I get 850-950. The wifi router is brand new (802.11ac) and has 3 bands. The 5G band is rated at 2166mbps and the one I connected to...
  16. D

    New 2015 iMac with no regrets

    Hey Everyone, I've been a Mac user since my first MacBook Pro in 2010 and then upgraded to a 2012 Macbook Pro and after 4.5 years that laptop died over the weekend and since I my computer is part of my daily life I couldn't be without a computer for long. I went to check out the new 15" MacBook...
  17. SnarkyBear

    I probably bought my last Mac this week. A 2011 iMac.

    We have been using Mac’s since just before Apple converted to Intel processors, i.e. 2005. Wanting to replace our 2006 iMac, I looked at Apple’s lowest cost option 21.5" option. I then went on Craigslist and found a top-of-the-line 27" 2011 iMac for $550 (in excellent condition). Here is a...
  18. O

    iTunes is so sluggish on macOS Sierra!

    After updating from El Capitan to Sierra, my iTunes becomes so sluggish to the point of annoying. Opening albums from Albums View is slow and choppy, rating one song makes the album cover 'flashed'. Also, album covers in Artists View are HUGE, artists pictures aren't available anymore...
  19. Mymuna

    Help me choose my iMac Configuration

    Made my account to ask all of you this question. Right now I'm torn btw the 2TB fusion and the 256 SSD options. I really like the idea of the SSD as it'll be one drive high will subsequently have less of a chance of breaking. My uses of this computer will be light photo/video editing, google...
  20. C

    Digital Picture Frame

    I do not know if this has ever been addressed. I could not find any reference to it. My question is, Are there any GOOD digital picture frames that I can display my digital pictures on as maybe a slide show. I did google the question and find that there are some picture frames, but the ones I...