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  1. M

    How to Install Linux on old MacBook 2.1

    Hey, I have an MacBook 2.1 (White) with a broken CD Drive. macOS is not installed on this MacBook (but it is possible to install macOS). I'd like to use Linux because newer versions of Chrome, etc., don't working the old macOS Version. My idea was to install Linux Mint Xfce on this Mac. I...
  2. T

    MP 7,1 Sonnet Fusion Flex J3i Unboxing

    So the Sonnet Fusion Flex J3i has arrived. Nothing too exciting but thought I’d share details. I’ll add more info to this thread as I go through installation and testing. If you have any questions, now is the time to ask!
  3. blackxacto

    Need an app that will tell me exactly what files are installed?

    I need an app that will tell me what files are installed for my printer. If I run an overall cleaner app, these printer driver files get trashed. In order to disable the trashing of these SPECIFIC files, I need to know what they are when they get installed. There used to be an app when I ran...
  4. L

    iPhone 11 Swap Iphone XR and Iphone11

    Hi, Me and my wife own an Iphone 11 and XR respectively. Would it be possible for my wife and me to swap Iphones and have the complete exact installations passed to our respective new devices? I would like to port over the exact content of the devices including apps datas, settings, pictures...
  5. haralds

    Resolved SPP-2040 Install (Snow Leopard) Lion through Sierra (Mojave?) Help Needed

    I have a Samsung SPP-2040 printer that was working on Sierra. My server crashed and I had to build it from scratch. Somehow I can no longer configure the Samsung SPP-2040 dye-sublimation printer. I have the updated SPL2 installer, but the printer configuration does not show up and I do not...
  6. gts250gamer101

    Early-2008 iMac not booting

    Howdy all, I was recently given an early-2008 iMac (specifically, this one) of the 3.06GHz variety. I was told that the machine had a dead hard drive, so upon receiving the machine, I disassembled it entirely, replaced the thermal paste on the GPU and CPU, then put it back together with a new...
  7. Sven Seven

    All iPads iPad USB 3 speed with Xcode?

    Hello, I know the question of fast transfer speeds with iPads has been discussed at various places on the internet and on this forum. But I only found discussions about file transfer using that Lightning-to-USB3-adapter where the iPad is the host. Can any of you developers confirm that there...
  8. Y

    How "clean" is it to use Migration Assistant to configure a new Mac?

    Hi, Imagine you a have a newly purchased Mac with the latest version of macOS and an old Mac that you configured nicely over time (i.e all System, Safari, Finder, etc. preferences configured to taste). Using Migration Assistant, will it blindly transfer everything from the older Mac to the new...
  9. Gregnyrfan

    A software update is required to connect to iPhone8,2.

    Has anyone received this message? Started occurring after updating to 10.13.6. I'm also running iOS 12 beta 3 on my iPhone 6s plus. The installation of the new software fails because the software is not available yet.
  10. M

    Question re: Mavericks install over 10.8

    Hi, been awhile since I've done a new installation or reinstall on any of my machines and just needed a refresh on a couple of things. I have a Mini quad i7 -2012 - that my studio needs to run Mavericks on, for a certain piece of 'legacy' software that won't work well with newer OSX. The...
  11. chrischerrett

    iMac migration/mirror to second iMac

    I’m a freelancer currently working from home, but shortly I’ll have a second office. At home I have an iMac, and I’m thinking of buying a second iMac to place in the other office. I’d like these two setups to be identifical (or for the second to be a mirror of the first). My home setup is...
  12. bb426

    iMac G3 help!!

    Here’s my problem: while booted into OS X Tiger install disk (1/4), I cannot get Disk Utility to successfully recognize the new SSD I installed. It hangs with a spinning wheel. At times, it might display the manufacturer name of the SSD (OWC Mercury), but hangs still. I have to power the iMac...
  13. A

    “This mac can be remotely administrated”+no login creation

    Hi everyone, I've (re)bought to my employer the Macbook I was using as a professionnal machine. I wanted to clear everything on it as it is suppose to become a personal one, so I have created a bootable install usb drive and formatted my hard drive before installation. I installed then mac os...
  14. Prateek90

    BUG: Installation in Progress. Calculating time remaining (Solved)

    Hi Guys, I finally found a fix for this issue. So after waiting for almost 4 hours I gave up and force closed my Macbook Pro. I restarted it and the mac failed to boot up showing me some kernel commands. Got me really scared as I didn't take any backup of my files. These are the steps I took...
  15. amagichnich

    Install OS X via Terminal

    Hey folks, I'm away from my home setup for a while but upgraded my new 12" 1.33 iBook to a SSD. Problem now is that I have no FW drive around, no USB stick and the DVD drive isn't working :D The only thing I have is a BlackBook, a 10.5 dmg and a FW cable. So I thought it should be possible to...
  16. applCore

    cMP 4,1 (Early 2009 Mac Pro) (with 5,1 (2010) firmware hack) upgradable to High Sierra?

    Does anyone have this configuration working with High Sierra? And if so, how did you install it successfully? I'm running an Early 2009 Mac Pro with upgraded processors, memory and an RX 480 video card with Sierra and when I run the beta installer it never succeeds with the installation. I...
  17. bemed

    macOS could not be installed on your computer (FIXED)

    Hi all, I have a 2014 15" rMBP and after the reboot on the update I'm getting the following message: macOS could not be instead on your computer The path /System/Installation/Packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged. Quit the installer and try again. I restarted loads of...
  18. Type4O

    Ecobee 3 in a Condo?

    I currently have Nest, but am moving to a new condo and am looking to switch so I can HomeKit the place. I was looking at the wires at our current place and according to the Ecobee website I would have to install the Power Extender Kit. I am not sure it is possible with a condo HVAC system as I...
  19. Macfield

    Require simple help with MacPostFactor installing Mav's on Late 2007 MacBook

    Few days ago I successfully installed Mountain Lion 10.8.4 on a late 2007 MacBook. Thought it would solve my issues with my phone no longer syncing in iTunes. Turns out iOS 10 requires iTunes 12.5 and up, which is supported only on Yosemite and later OS's, so I'm going up to that. Now I'm...
  20. B

    PowerBook G4 Boot/Install Issues

    Hello, Longtime browser, first-time poster! I have an ancient 15" PowerBook G4 that I recently put up for sale on Craigslist along with a few other old Macs in order to clear space at the office and just get rid of old stuff. The buyers took them off of my hands, and then tried reinstalling an...