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ios 7

  1. defalt45

    iOS 7.x iPhone 4s passcode lost, need to recover photos

    Hello I have found my old iPhone 4s, which I had several years ago. I have plenty of photos, text messages... etc that I'd love to get back, unfortunately I can't remember its passcode. Does anyone know a way to get them ? I tried all the youtube tutorials and only ended up locking the iPhone...
  2. M

    iPhone 5 or earlier Use iCloud to free space temporarily

    Hi guys, I have an iPhone 4 with 32 GB and just received my new 7+. I want to only transfer Whatsapp to the new phone, and leave all the photos, videos, voice notes and all other stuff in the 4 because it still works. Can I transfer some big videos to iCloud for a moment so I can do a Whatsapp...
  3. seitsme

    Q&A Tethered vs untethered

    hello, I frequently see the terms tethered and untethered on jailbreak websites. I will try to jailbreak my iphone4 ios 7x to ios 8x and not sure what these terms mean and do to the phone. thanks
  4. Duckyduckbumps

    iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2: won't sync with iTunes 11.4

    Hello, My dad is trying to sync his iPhone 4 iOS 7.1.2 with iTunes 11.4 on the Mac, which is running Snow Leopard. These are the latest versions of software available. The sync button on iTunes is grayed out. I couldn't seem to find out if these versions of iOS and iTunes are compatible...
  5. adepew

    iPhone Classic iOS Wallpapers

    So I originally posted this in the wrong forum (iPhone) the first time. Now that I've migrated my photos from Flickr to Google Photos I thought I would put this in the proper place. Links: iPhone 6/6s/7: iPhone 6/6s/7 Plus...
  6. elliwhi

    Whatsapp for iPod and iPad I've started a petition to get it back on iPad and iPod Touch. I constantly have family and relatives abroad asking me "Do you have Whatsapp?" Unfortunately, I always have to reply with No, but I have other apps such as Viber and...
  7. PrinceKickster

    Asking for ultimate iOS stock wallpapers dump until iOS 10

    I don't know if a similar active thread for this actually exist somewhere here in MacRumors Forums because I'm totally a new member here. I'm humbly asking for all the wallpapers exist on iPad and iPhones that's been added until the very last major iOS release; iOS 10. Also I want to ask for the...
  8. gold333

    Here's what IOS 10 reveals about iPhone 8-9-10 (and Steve Jobs)

    This is what I think IOS 10 reveals about iPhone 8-9-10 and Jobs' input. 2000-2001 Jony Ive designs the colorful iMac (rounded shapes) 2002-2006 Jony Ive designs the iBook and iPods (white or black fronts, chrome rear) Rounded edges. 2007 iPhone 1 is released which mimics iPod look. Chrome...
  9. P

    iPhone 5 with iOS 9 any faster than iPhone 4 with iOS 7?

    Right now, I have an iPhone 4 running iOS 7. It's pretty dang slow. There are some apps that I technically can download and use, but in practice are so slow as to be unusable (Snapchat, for instance). I'd like to upgrade to a 5, but I've read that on iOS 9 they can be slow, too. But would it at...
  10. adepew

    iOS Wallpapers Remastered

    I was looking for remastered versions of original iOS wallpapers but could not find any. So I decided to make my own and thought I would share with the community. I will put up links for each version of iOS. Currently I am working on iPhone 6/6s but if there is enough interest I could do iPhone...
  11. SilverLight300

    How upgrade apple iphone 4s from ios 7 to ios 9.0.2 without iTunes

    I want to upgrade my apple iphone 4s from ios v7 to ios v9.0.2 without iTunes. Why without iTunes? Because iTunes has an unsolved error during restore : My error # is : 3194 and i followed upper link for bypass. But that error is still...
  12. baryon

    How can I stop the daily nag messages about upgrading to iOS 9 on iPhone 4S?

    Every morning since iOS 9.3 came out, my iPhone 4S running iOS 7 displays this message: "Temporarily Remove Apps to Install Software Update? Facebook and Skype will be temporarily removed to make storage available for this software update. They will be reinstalled when the update is...
  13. TRDmanAE86

    Creating custom wallpapers for iPad

    I have a iPad Air running iOS 7.1.2 Recently one of my friends changed the wallpaper on my iPad (as a joke) and, I can't set the original one back because, the image is zoomed in all the way and, I can't resize it to make the image smaller. From past experiences, i've solved this problem by...
  14. A

    Help! My iPhone 4 screen problem!

    There is an area on my iPhone 4 screen where do not respond to touches. But it disappears when the phone heat up. Is there any solutions? (sorry for my English)
  15. B

    Exchange contacts not appearing on iphone

    Hi Friends, I have configured my office mail on my iphone 4. When I am saving a new contact it is appearing on outlook contacts in web mail, where as when I am searching for the same contact from Global Exchange Address list on iphone it is not appearing. Where as all our organization contacts...
  16. wozmatic

    Airplay STOPS after aerial screensaver starts. Anyone else?

    Airplay has caused a lot of frustration these last few weeks... • Using an iPad Air 2 with iOS9 and an iPhone 4 with iOS7 - Issue happens on both devices. • Airplaying content to the latest Apple TV 4 • Apple TV's aerial screensaver starts and at that moment the airplay from the device stops. •...